Velour cake with sea-buckthorn marmalade

Cooking time
60 min

Velour prepare caramel cake with sea buckthorn! For those who want to try a new flavor!
So first, make sea buckthorn marmalade. I was frozen.Sea buckthorn has melted, put to boil in a saucepan, add the sugar. Cook for 2-3 minutes. then punched a blender and strain through a sieve. I got 200ml pureed .
Gelatin fill with water beforehand, I had sheet. Now squeeze it and put in a hot sea-buckthorn. A little stand and pour into the form. I have a form of cake with sides of 18cm. Put them in the freezer for 2 hours. The bottom can be covered with tape to make it easier to get it.
Make a biscuit. Whisk the egg with sugar until frothy. Add the ground almonds and flour. All carefully stir, pour in the form of 20cm and bake for 15min at 170 grams. Get ready , let it cool then cut out a square with sides of approximately 16cm.
We get it and until we violate the.
Make the caramel. It can be done in advance. Melt sugar in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Pour gently the hot cream, stir the mass will boil, you can not permanently remove from the heat, but stir constantly.
Add the butter again mix well , cook 2 minutes and remove from heat. Strain her. Cover with film contact and allow it to cool down.For the mousse 140gr measure out the caramel.
So start making the mousse. The yolks will mix with the starch and milk, place over heat, stirring, cook the cream until thick.
In ready add the caramel, gelatin, we pre-water bays, mix everything together and put oil. You can beat with a mixer. Give mass to cool.
Whisk in the cream. And add to our mousse.
Marmalade took out of the freezer, get out of shape.
Take the form of our. On the bottom put the film with bubbles. I think you understood about what film I'm talking about. This film is often placed in packages. She pour half the mousse. If you have more liquid put in the freezer for 2 minutes. Then put our marmalade. He just needs a little trim less then our form. And on top pour more mousse. But leave a place for a biscuit.
And put on top of the biscuit , press it to the edges, made a little cream. Remove the night in the freezer.
In the morning remove the form. About that we'd have it. I even poured a little mousse in other forms. You can draw and leave it.
Valorem cake.You can use a suede spray. Or do it yourself. For velour take equal proportions of cocoa butter(50 grams) dark chocolate(50 grams). Melt all in turn . Mix then . We need a working temperature of 40-45 degrees. Now valuim cake.Cake for velour must be cold from the freezer. Put it on a stand , it is best to use a large kartonow box. And valuim spray gun.
Decorate further according to your taste. I had a ready-made frosting and I'm from the cooking pouch made drops. Bon appetit.

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Almond flour 25 gram
butter 90 gram
Cocoa butter 50 gram
Corn starch 18 gram
Cream 120 ml
Dark chocolate 50 gram
Egg yolks 40 gram
eggs 1 pc
Flour 20 gram
Gelatin 5 gram
milk 200 ml
Sea buckthorn 200 gram
Sugar 120 gram


Total calories 330
Total fat 22
Total carbohydrates 23
Total protein 4