Vegetable stew with mince in the oven

Cooking time
60 min
Delicious vegetable stew with meat filling will appeal to all. Vegetable stew with mince in the oven - an interesting and tasty dish. It can be prepared for lunch or dinner, and may additionally submit a boiled potato - it is in this case quite appropriate. The consistency of food is such that it can be viewed as a thick meat sauce with vegetables. When serving, garnish stew with chopped fresh dill, parsley, green onions.
Vegetable stew with mince in the oven - delicious and hearty dish options of which there are many.
Prepare the necessary ingredients: minced meat (I have a home - made pork and beef), onions, garlic, red sweet pepper (or any kind you have), fresh Pomidor, red beans in tomato sauce, salt, ground paprika, cumin seeds. For complete meals you can take optional cheese (I got Swiss).
In sunflower oil, fry until transparent chopped to medium dice onions.
Add to the onions minced meat. When roasting break it with a wooden spatula and fry quickly on all sides for 3 minutes. This is quite enough.
Cube cut sweet pepper.
The same small cubes cut the tomato.
Add a spoonful of tomato sauce from tins of beans to the fried onions to the minced meat, stir. It's just for greater flexibility, not necessarily. Add the ground paprika, cumin seeds or any other spice to your taste, salt.
In a ceramic or other baking dish put first a layer of fried onions with the minced meat.
The next layer put the sliced pepper and fresh tomato.
Add the canned beans (beans can also be any, the main thing - ready, i.e., boiled). If using beans without the tomato filling, in addition to take the tomato paste, tomato sauce or juice. The liquid should be not very much.
Put our casserole-a stew of beans with vegetables and meat in heated to 180 degrees oven for 40 minutes. The pre-form cover with foil.
After half an hour, open the foil, on the surface of a vegetable stew with meat and beans, add grated on a fine grater cheese. Again put in the oven, now turn on the grill or convection.
When the cheese melted the dish is ready.
Serve vegetable stew with beef and beans with fresh herbs. As an additional side dish to use boiled or roasted potatoes.

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Beans 300 gram
Bell pepper 50 gram
Minced meat 200 gram
onion 50 gram
Paprika 0.5 tablespoons
Sunflower oil 40 gram
Tomatoes 80 gram


Total calories 196
Total fat 15
Total carbohydrates 9
Total protein 7