Vegetable salad cucumber tomato egg

Cooking time
10 min
Crisp bright salad will please with the ease in the summer heat! Very easy to prepare salad. The ingredients in the salad are interchangeable, instead of quail eggs perfectly chicken, tomatoes instead of regular tomatoes, instead of Parmesan cheese here is perfect soft brine cheeses such as mozzarella, white brined cheese or feta. A basic salad that is not replaceable is the refill only, adjust it to taste, may need more or less honey or vinegar, be sure to taste the dressing before the salad!
Ingredients for the salad.
Ingredients for the filling.
For the filling, mix the butter, vinegar and honey, to taste add salt and pepper, mix thoroughly. The dressing is ready.
Vegetables wash and dry. Quail eggs boil hard boiled (3 minutes after boiling). Radish cut into thin circles. Carrots and cucumber using the knife for cleaning of vegetables, cut into thin slices. If the knife is not, then the cucumber cut into sticks, carrots to grate.
Lettuce tearing hands and spread on a plate.
Spread on top of carrot and cucumber.
Add the chopped radish and green onions (about it I forgot).
Quail eggs cleaned from the shell and cut in half. On the salad put the eggs and cut into quarters cherry tomatoes.
Cheese cut into thin slices or RUB on a grater and sprinkle on top of salad.
Pour the salad dressing, optional sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve! Bon appetit!

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carrots 1 pc
Cherry tomatoes 5 pc
Chili pepper ground
Cucumbers 1 pc
eggs 6 pc
green onions
honey 1 tablespoons
Lettuce 6 pc
olive oil 4 teaspoons
Radishes 5 pc
Sesame 1 tablespoons
White wine vinegar 2 tablespoons


Total calories 166
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 6