The Millefeuille Cake

Cooking time
20 min
Cake on the grill! Impossible? And I say: easy! The last gathering this year raspberries, I decided to bake a gourmet French dessert. Method of baking chose the unusual, like all the French. And most importantly, that in just 20 minutes I got fascinated with cake with a nice raspberry tartness.
Due to the fact that the pre-dough is thinly rolled, it is time to quickly get ready on the grill. Plus, since grid electric put pressure on the workpiece from both sides, is solved also a problem of excessive increase of puff pastry in volume. The cake turned out very delicate and crisp layers, as expected for milfay. They don't have the time to soak up the cream, so collect the cake before the guests arrive. Bon appetit!
To combine sugar and egg yolk. Stir until smooth. By the way, it will be easier to do directly in the pan, not in a separate bowl.
Transfer the mixture to the saucepan and, stirring constantly, to heat the mass over low heat for three to four minutes, until the sugar begins to dissolve. Stir the whisk.
Enter the sour cream and mix thoroughly until smooth. The heavier the cream, the tastier will be the cream. But I, as always, ten percent. It is also going to be wonderful, and even less rich in calories.
Add in the cream, flour and vanilla. Mix thoroughly. And cook on slow heat for another four minutes until thick.
The cream is ready when its consistency becomes quite thick and has a groove in it from a spoon long be distinguishable. This cream will perfectly keep the shape.
Cream cover with cling film in contact with the surface of the cream so that it does not have time to sovetnitsa.
Thawed puff pastry roll out to a thickness of not more than two millimeters. And cut into three strips lengthwise. The right Mille-feuille - it is three layers of dough.
Put the dough on the hot grill and cook for seven minutes for the sandwiches until Golden brown.
Lay the workpiece on the grill at a distance of not less than two inches, so they don't stick together. My slightly stuck to each other. If you do not have a grill, then bake the dough at a temperature of two hundred degrees in the oven until Golden brown. Harvesting should not significantly rise when baking. So the top of the dough put a sheet of parchment and press down with another baking tray, for example.
The cooled custard put in a cooking bag. Cut the tip of one centimeter. On a platter to supply to assemble the cake. On the first layer of dough to distribute half of the cream.
The cream slightly to drown raspberries. Then another layer of dough, the other half of the cream and raspberries. The last layer to decorate before serving with a few berries raspberries, icing sugar and any walnut shavings. I have shavings of almonds.

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Almond petals 1 tablespoons
Dishes made with puff dough 250 gram
Eggs speedy recipes with photos 1 pc
Flour 3 teaspoons
Raspberry cooking 100 gram
Sugar 0.5 cups
Vanilla 0.5 tablespoons
With sour cream quick recipes with photos 1.5 cups


Total calories 263
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 29
Total protein 5