The meat in the pan and grill pork

Cooking time
40 min
Always juicy, flavorful, and fast enough. In a frying pan and grill everything is cooked faster, the meat turns a beautiful Golden brown. The flesh is quickly sealed under the crust, all the juice stays inside, so the meat is always soft and looks good. Each meat lovers will surely enjoy this dish !
IMPORTANT : turn the meat two times. From desired doneness depends on the time of roasting. Weak rare – from 2 to 2.5 minutes on each side. Then the steaks rest for five minutes. For medium or medium – three minutes each side and rest for four minutes. Good cooking – 4.5 minutes on each side, the steak rest a few minutes. Why give the meat to rest? Sealed under the crust and juice should be distributed throughout the steak, it will remain juicy and soft. Pork steak for grill pans is taken from the cervical rib without the bone. Buy chilled, frozen so delicious will not. Slices of meat must be no thicker than three centimeters, and better than about half to two. The meat is well fried, the pork is not cooked with blood. Check the readiness with a sharp knife. Juice should not be bloody, but transparent. The grilling pan best to use cast iron. It will be good to maintain the temperature, evenly distributing it over the surface. Great if included is a cover press, and the grooves are deep, so the pattern will be imprinted clearly. The grill pan is high temperature.
To prepare the products. The meat should be at room temperature.
Rinse the meat with cool water, dry well. /Is that the meat is clean, then simply wipe with a damp towel/. When I bought a large piece, cut into portioned slices about 1.5 - 2cm /Meat Maritsa/. If the portions of the pork is fat, it can be cut off with a sharp knife. If cooking a steak, it needs to contain a minimal amount of fat.
Classic steaks never stray if you just fry the meat, lightly beat. I'm not repulsed. Meat salt, pepper to taste, RUB in seasonings with your hands on both sides. Leave for 15 minutes. Do not put the meat in the refrigerator, it should be room temperature u2013 so get Golden brown. If you put the cooled pulp, the crust will not, meat can be stewed.
Grease a silicone brush the meat with vegetable oil refined, but very thinly, or use a special spray for the butter. /Shake with prosloechkoy fat, it will start to drown/.
How to fry meat on the grill pan? Very simple! Put a grill pan on high heat stoves. From it should go into a high fever. Drip a drop of water on the surface u2013 it immediately boils and evaporates, you can cook. Oil does NOT POUR, it is the meat enough. Spread the meat and fry each side until Golden brown / 3 minutes for medium rare /medium. You may need a load on top, well, if cap - press.
Ready meat to wrap in foil or place them in a bowl with a tight lid. To give the meat to rest for about 4 minutes so all the juices were distributed, and the meat remained juicy.
Serve the meat hot, with herbs, vegetables and any side dish or sauce for meat. The meat is soft and juicy.

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Pork 900 gram
The mixture of peppers and peas
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons


Total calories 272
Total fat 23
Total protein 16