The donuts in the oven

Cooking time
120 min
Very soft butter doughnuts that don't need frying! Baked in the oven, these donuts are less calories than deep fried. The dough in this recipe is very good, easy and simple to operate, and the donuts it produces extremely light!
We really liked the donuts! Especially freshly baked. The dough as down, soft, delicate, airy. Only without the holes in the middle. But this does not affect their taste. The icing be sure to cool it will become thick and it will be easier to work with.
Prepare the foods for cooking doughnuts. The egg and butter, remove from the refrigerator in advance, they should be at room temperature. This is important when preparing yeast dough that the yeast has worked and raised him. The products are cool (or, conversely, hot) the yeast will not activate or die.
Heat the milk to lukewarm, it should be pleasantly warm but not hot so as not to kill a living organism - yeast. Pour in the milk yeast and leave for 10 minutes. This is not a sourdough, the yeast will not activate and will not start, it only calls for their dissolution. To activate need sugar!
Beat in milk and egg stir in sugar, add salt and vanilla. Stir with a whisk.
Sift into the milk mixture the entire flour. Sifting of flour fills it with air, which makes cakes softer and more airy.
Start kneading the dough - mix the ingredients with a spoon.
Put the soft butter. And start kneading with your hands. At first the dough will be sticky but gradually it will become smooth, homogeneous and no longer stick to everything. It will take about 10 minutes. In the process I needed a little flour in excess of, but just a couple tablespoons. Grammovka here are fairly accurate, but there may be nuances. Below is a link to an article about the flour will look at it.
When the dough is finally behind the walls, gather it into a ball. Cover the bowl with the dough with a towel, lid or plastic film and leave to come for an hour approximately.
After an hour the dough should double. If this happens, allow a little more time, about half an hour. If after that the dough did not rise, then your yeast is not activated (this can happen for many reasons).
Lay approached the dough on the work surface covered with flour. Next comes the step of forming the donuts. You can roll out the dough into the reservoir and cut the doughnuts with a glass and then, in the center, a glass. So you get a neat donuts, but you will have a lot of extra dough. I chose a more economical way. Divided the dough into equal portions and then each was rolled into a ball. I got 16 pieces.
Take the blank and make the center hole, stretching and shaping the future of the doughnut.
Place the donuts on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Cover with a tea towel and leave for 20 minutes. During this time, the future pastry rasstaetsja that will make it more lush and tender.
Bake doughnuts in the oven preheated to 190u00b0C for 15-20 minutes, mode top-bottom. The photo shows that with this method of forming a hole in the middle is almost gone, since donuts are very much up in the oven.
While the donuts are cooling, prepare the glaze. Take food for her.
Put in a saucepan the sugar, cocoa, fill them with milk. Put on medium heat and while stirring wait until the sugar is dissolved and cocoa. Put in a saucepan oil.
Continue to heat mixture until hot, but not boil, the oil may separate the serum. Stir until smooth, and then cool off.
Dip the cooled donuts with a fork on one side in the glaze. From top to decorate to your liking. I sprinkled with confectionery sprinkles.

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butter 50 gram
Cocoa powder 4 teaspoons
Dry yeast 10 gram
Eggs the most delicious recipes 1 pc
milk 50 ml
Of wheaten flour delicious recipes 500 gram
salt 0.5 tablespoons
Sugar 50 gram


Total calories 309
Total fat 10
Total carbohydrates 46
Total protein 9