The brisket in foil baked in the oven

Cooking time
120 min
Tasty and delicious appetizer for any meal! Cold cuts of pork belly can be cut into festive table. It will always look elegant and festive. Spices everyone can use according to your taste. Try to cook you!
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
To prepare prepare everything you need. Pork belly get chilled, which is not subjected to freezing. Otherwise, the defrost will come out of it all the juices, and the finished dish will be dry. I like to use bacon with plenty of meat. Small number of fat, which it is, is enough for a juicy piece.
Rinse pork belly in running water and dry well with paper towels to remove all excess moisture from the surface of the piece. Garlic clear from the husk. On the sides of the breast make cuts with a sharp knife and insert cloves of garlic. If the garlic cloves are very large, it is possible each cloves cut into 2-3 parts.
Then sprinkle pieces of bacon salt, ground pepper and spices according to your taste. I have used paprika. RUB the salt and spices with your hands in a piece.
Place the prepared brisket on a sheet of foil. Then put a few leaves of Bay leaf.
Wrap brisket tightly in foil so there are no remaining holes. If necessary, you can take another sheet of foil. Wrapped a piece put in a metal baking dish and place in oven preheated to 190 degrees for 1.5 hours. Why metal form? For dry roasting it is suited for. Ceramic or glass can crack from overheating. Be guided by your oven.
Due to the fact that a piece of tightly wrapped, it will not fall apart while cooking. After the specified time, remove the pan from the oven. With a sharp knife cut the foil and give it a few minutes to stand up. During this time, dishes out the heat and it will shift to the dish.
The finished brisket, you can immediately cut into pieces and enjoy. And you can put it in the refrigerator until cool. In the cooled down kind it will be convenient to cut thin slices for sandwiches. Bon appetit!

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Bay leaf
Brisket pork 1
Garlic 8
salt 1 tablespoons
Spices dry


Total calories 154
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 1
Total protein 20