Super salad of pickles in 5 minutes

Cooking time
5 min
Delicious, light, summery and flavorful salad to the fries!
The cooking process: Peel the cucumbers, if the cucumber is fresh and not thick rind - can cucumbers do not clean. Cucumber cut lengthwise and slice into equal pieces – half-rings. Add salt and sliced cucumbers to give the salad. Finely chop the fresh dill and onions. Mix well salad ingredients and add the sour milk - Tickmilch(kefir, yogurt), pre-stirred it. Turns a kind of light soup that is perfect for boiled potatoes and meat!

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Cucumbers 4 pc
Dill 20 gram
green onions 20 gram
salt 2 gram
Yogurt 2 cups


Total calories 27
Total fat 1
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 2