Strawberry cheesecake without baking

Cooking time
360 min
Mouth-watering cheesecake out of cream cheese and fresh strawberries. This cheesecake just melts in your mouth. The combination of whipped cream, cream cheese, fresh strawberries will not leave anyone indifferent, in addition, flavorful jelly, natural strawberry juice and shortbread cookies - a perfect dessert!
My comments to the recipe - it took me a little more strawberry, about 600 grams, but that's because I put halved strawberries on the rim of the form. I want to share how I made the strawberry juice I had frozen homemade strawberry mashed with sugar, I filled it with boiling water, gave it for 15 minutes and strained through a sieve, it turned out very flavorful and juice. As for the cheesecake - it's delicious, words cannot describe , one must try! It very quickly disappeared from the fridge.
Soak 18 grams of gelatin(for filling) in 100 ml of cold water and leave for an hour.
10 grams of gelatin(for jelly) pour 250 ml of strawberry juice. It is better to use natural strawberry juice, so it will be tastier and more aromatic. Leave for an hour.
For the base grind 300 grams of shortbread in any convenient way for You. I did it in blender.
Should turn out homogeneous Sapucaia weight, add 80 g of melted and cooled to room temperature butter.
Stir until the state of wet crumbs.
The resulting mass is put in the split form (I have a form with a diameter of 21 cm, you can take the shape of larger diameter, but then the cheesecake will turn out below) and tamp well. Pre-lubricate the form of vegetable oil, cheesecake will be easier to retrieve.
Whip the cream with the sugar until stable peaks. To make the cream well whipped they must be a fat content of 33%, also they need good cooling, I placed the cream, the beaters of the mixer and the bowl in which I whisk in the freezer for 20 minutes. Then pour the cream into a deep bowl and begin to whisk gradually adding the sugar, whisk to gently, without splashing, 4-5 minutes, do not overdo it, otherwise it will oil.
To the cream add the cream cheese and gently mix thoroughly with a spatula.
Strawberries choose sweet and fragrant. Strawberries wash, it is better to wash with tails, otherwise(if you leave out the tails before bathing) she gets in the water and will become watery and tasteless. After washing, tear off the stems. The most beautiful berries to leave for decoration of the surface of the cheesecake, about 250 g, the remaining strawberries cut into small pieces. The biggest I cut in half and laid along the rim shape as in the photo. But it is optional
The swollen gelatin heat to dissolve the gelatin, but not kipyatite, cool, then add cream cheese, mix thoroughly.
Then add the chopped strawberries. Mix gently so that the strawberry pieces are evenly distributed by weight.
Put the mass into the form, smooth. Put in the freezer for 10 minutes. This is to ensure that the strawberries didn't sink in the ground when You spread it on the surface.
Deferred strawberries cut into thin slices and place on top.
Strawberry juice with gelatin heat to dissolve the gelatin, not only kipyatite heat. Cool and carefully with a spoon pour part of the juice with the gelatin on top of the strawberries. Put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes so that the berries he grabbed and surfaced. Then, remove from the freezer form and pour on top the rest of the future jelly and put in the refrigerator for at least five hours, preferably overnight.
This one beats them all a specified length of time, remove cheesecake from refrigerator to cheesecake easily removed from the mold it is necessary to warm the edges with a Hairdryer. That's all, delicious strawberry cheesecake is ready, Bon appetit!

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butter 80 gram
Cream fat recipes with photos step by step 200 ml
Gelatin 10 gram
Juice 250 ml
Shortbread cookies 300 gram
Sugar 150 gram
With cream cheese recipes homemade 500 gram
With strawberries cooking 400 gram


Total calories 318
Total fat 23
Total carbohydrates 22
Total protein 8