Steam cutlets from minced meat in a slow cooker

Cooking time
75 min
Juicy and flavorful burgers are easy to make! Steam the meatballs in a slow cooker produces delicious, they are perfect for baby food and those who are not to fried foods. It is advisable to take mixed minced chicken and pork or beef. The pulp is white bread or loaf should be soaked in milk or cream. Breadcrumbs can be used, or ready to cook breaded savoury biscuits. Chops to the table can be served with mashed potatoes, barley porridge or pasta.
Tips: The burgers are well molded, if you moisten your hands with water. Optional instead of breadcrumbs you can use semolina, starch or wheat flour. And you can do without the breading.
Prepare all the necessary products. Clean the onions and garlic from the husk. A stuffing it is possible to take ready, or to make fillets.
For meatballs suitable for both purchased and homemade white bread. If the bread soft crust, you can crumble the flesh along with it. Pour into a deep bowl with bread, and pour the milk. Stir with a spoon.
Small cubes chop the onion. Press out the garlic through a press or finely rubbed.
The minced meat mixture into a large bowl. Add chopped vegetables, stir with a spoon.
Softened butter crumble into pieces and add to the mince together with the soaked bread. Stir the contents until smooth.
Now pour in the minced meat, salt and spices to taste. Crack a raw egg and pour the contents to the mince. Stir with hands until uniform in consistency.
Rice crackers pour on a dry plate. From stuffing to form medium-sized patties. Roll patties in breadcrumbs.
Take the grate for steaming, and put in it the meatballs made.
In the bowl multivarki pour clean water according to instructions. Place the grid and select the program "steaming" for 1 hour.
Preparing the patties under the lid. Optionally, you can leave the heating another 10-15 minutes.
Meat patties, steamed, be very fragrant due to the breading. These burgers can be eaten with potatoes or pasta. Bon appetit!

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breadcrumbs 4 teaspoons
butter 35 gram
Chicken eggs 1 pc
Garlic 2
milk 50 ml
Minced meat 500 gram
onion 1 pc
Spices dry
White bread 2 gram


Total calories 283
Total fat 23
Total carbohydrates 9
Total protein 10