Steak of minced beef in the pan

Cooking time
4 min

Appetizing meat dish - easy to cook for dinner! Steak of minced beef in the pan cooks very quickly and simply, and is a cutlet with a spicy note which adds meat mustard. Serve these steaks can be fresh salads, sandwiches or with any side dish - potatoes, cereals, pasta.

So, prepare a very simple dish made of minced meat. Despite the fact that it is simple and fairly quick to prepare, it is also very tasty and nutritious. In addition, these steaks can be called a universal dish which can be served with different toppings for a second or to cook sandwiches with them, take them to school or work as a snack. As a side dish to this steak fit everything baked, boiled or fresh vegetables, salads, fresh herbs, various cereals, pasta, potatoes in any form, legumes... the imagination of the chef in this case is not limited by anything. In addition, the steaks go well with different sauces. Also one of the advantages dishes can be called the fact that such steaks can be prepared for the future. To form them, then freeze and use as needed. This will significantly reduce the time of cooking a delicious homemade dinner after work, and the family will be very happy. So, prepare the steaks, which put the minced meat in a deep container. His season with ground black pepper, and sprinkle with salt. If desired, you can add any other spices to your taste. Mix everything. Under running water my green onions after dry it with paper towels. Finely chop the onion and add to the mince, stir it a lot. Combine milk and mustard, stir and put into the mince and stir it. Shape the burgers - they're bigger than the usual cutlets, slightly flattened shape, to them it was convenient to make burgers. In principle, the shape and size depend on personal preference. Preheat the pan with vegetable oil on medium heat and put in it the resulting steaks. Fry on both sides until it will turn brown and serve hot. It is important that the steak retained the juiciness inside, therefore do not need to fry too long. Add steak to your taste with the selected garnish. Bon appetit!

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Ground black pepper
Milk what to make 40 ml
Mustard 5 gram
Recipes of ground beef 500 gram
vegetable oil 60 ml


Total calories 304
Total fat 27
Total protein 14