Spicy tomato soup with beans

Cooking time
35 min
Colorful soup for lovers!! Recipe this soup is originally from Portugal. Thick, flavorful and nutritious - it is perfectly warm in the cold winter and autumn days. Try a plate of such food, you can immediately fall in love with the spicy tomato soup with beans.
After our soup is ready, pour it on plates and serve. From the moment this recipe came into my field of vision, I all the time wanted to make it. And finally found the opportunity, I am very glad. Its taste is appreciated by not only me but also my family members who repeatedly asked for more. Let's prepare this soup together and share your opinion in comments and share experiences with other Housewives. It turns out beautiful and delicious in appearance, has an intense red color. I hope the dish you will succeed and you will be happy with the result!
Take the grocery list - all of them shown in photo for clarity.
Onion peel and cut into half rings of medium thickness.
Fry it in a pan in hot oil until light Golden brown on medium heat while stirring.
Then add to the onion tomato puree and ground chili, mix everything together and warm the mixture over medium heat for a few minutes. Pepper can take the peppers: wash it, remove the seeds and chop.
Add the red beans in own juice, stir again and simmer another 20 minutes, without covering the pan with a lid. Fire do not add and do not forget to stir to the mass not burnt to the bottom of the pan. Next I will tell you about the last step from which you will learn how to cook spicy tomato soup with beans.
Cold or pre-heated beef broth pour into the pan, where stewed vegetables, all pemesinan and bring to boil with occasional stirring. In the end, the consistency of the finished soup should be quite thick. If necessary, the soup can be further thickened with flour, pre-mix up it with water or cold broth. Before you turn off the soup, add to it a large quantity of chopped parsley or other herbs at your discretion.

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Beans cooking 500 gram
Broth 500 ml
Chili 2 tablespoons
onion 2 pc
parsley 50 gram
Sea salt 2 tablespoons
Tomato paste 500 gram
vegetable oil 40 ml


Total calories 124
Total fat 3
Total carbohydrates 18
Total protein 8