Spaghetti sauce from tomato paste

Cooking time
10 min
JoA simple and delicious recipe of available products! On the basis of tomato paste, preparing many different dishes - this gravies, and dressings, and sauces. It would seem a simple tomato sauce and combined with pasta it can turn a dish into a real culinary masterpiece!
Boil spaghetti, drain them in a colander, let the water drain out. Then return them to the pot and pour the sauce on top. mix, spread on plates and serve immediately. Can spaghetti submitted separately, and pour them with sauce already in the plates. If you prepared the sauce in the pan, add the spaghetti right there. Since the main ingredient of the sauce - tomato paste, then her choice should be approached carefully. It must not contain unnecessary additives, just tomatoes, or tomato juice, or tomato puree. Besides garlic, you can add the sauce of onions, it is necessary to pre-chop and then roast as the garlic. Take any herbs, just Basil, as representative of Italian cuisine, the best choice. Fresh herbs can replace dried spices. This option is the easiest sauce, prepared tomato sauce adding fresh tomatoes, cream, sour cream, it can be thickened with flour - a lot of options!
Prepare the foods for cooking sauce.
Garlic crush with a knife blade, with a lot of pressure on a clove. Peel each clove from the husk. Then you can finely chop it if you like garlic. I just fried it, then removed.
If you are using fresh Basil, rinse it well and dry. Then finely chop. My frozen Basil was already cut, I'm just more shredded it with a knife.
Take a pan or a skillet, depending on the volume of sauce that you want to get the output. But I will advise to take a bowl with high edges, the sauce during cooking is very much "spits". Put the utensils for cooking on the fire. Pour oil into it. Put garlic. fry the garlic for a few minutes. I then removed the roasted cloves, you can leave. I have enough of the flavor that the garlic gave when frying oil.
Add the tomato paste and water. Mix well until smooth. Boil sauce about 3 minutes.
Add herbs, salt and pepper. Mix. Hold the sauce on the heat for another minute, he will be actively bubbling. Mix again. The sauce is ready!

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basil 30 gram
Ground red pepper 0.5 tablespoons
olive oil 1 teaspoons
salt 0.5 tablespoons
Tomato paste 100 gram
water 0.5 cups
With garlic homemade recipes with photos 5


Total calories 94
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 9
Total protein 3