Skewers with lemon and onion pork

It's time flavorful, the spring barbecue! Skewers, marinated in onion and lemon - it's incredibly delicious, hearty and very tasty dish. Excellent choice of treats for a large group of friends.
Cook with pleasure!
For barbecue, prepare the required amount of ingredients. Choose pork meat part, without bone. It can be neck or ham. Take a lemon of medium size.
Onions clean from the husk and rinse in cold water. Lemon wash running water with a brush from contamination. One lemon will be enough. If you take more, the meat will sour.
Prepared pork cut into pieces of suitable size for barbecue. The pieces should not be very large, as they will not have time to grilled inside. And if you are a little much, they just dry at a high temperature. All the pieces should be approximately the same size, to make ready at the same time.
Peeled onions cut into thin half-rings. To avoid the tears when cutting onions, hold the bulbs and a knife in very cold water. Remember the chopped onion with your hands to quickly start to let the juice.
For marinating meat, choose a bowl of suitable size. It can be plastic, glass or ceramic. To chopped meat add mashed onion. With your hands squeeze the lemon juice right into the meat. To taste add spices. This can be a ready set of spices for barbecue or just ground black pepper. Be guided by your taste.
Mix well, cover with a lid or cling film and leave to marinate for a few hours. I marinated the meat for almost a day. Long marinating meat store in the refrigerator. And if you have just 3-5 hours, you can leave to marinate at room temperature. While marinating the meat a couple of times to mix. An hour before cooking the meat, add salt according to your taste.
Well marinated meat string on skewers and cook over hot coals evenly prozharivaya from all sides.
Skewers scroll all the time to keep the meat from burning. Ready meat serve with fresh vegetables. In addition to cook any sauce. Nice treats!

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Bow 1
Lemons 1 pc
Pork recipes step by step 4
Spices dry


Total calories 212
Total fat 17
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 14