Skewers of pork in mineral water

This kebab is worth trying out at the first opportunity. The marinade on the basis of mineral water is considered one of the best for barbecue. In this I made personally. The meat turns out tender and juicy, more importantly, not to allow it to dry on the fire. To fry a shish kebab on skewers or grill.
How to make a student barbecue and was looking for recipes easier and cheaper. Found this wonderful recipe "grilled pork in mineral water". Everything turned out very tasty. Even now occasionally resorted to cooking on this barbecue cooking recipe. Cooking at the cottage, fishing and just having a picnic, and in General at every opportunity and at any time of the year, even in winter, for example, for the New year!
For a shish kebab prepare all the necessary products. Suggest for this dish to take the part of the pig, which is called the neck is the perfect meat for cooking on the fire.
Right zamarinovat barbecue - that's half the battle. Recently I discovered this method I described in the recipe. How to marinate pork in soda, I learned from a friend of the butcher. Since then use it a lot. So, we go in order. Onion peel and cut into thick rings.
Cut the meat into equal portions. Too finely chop is not necessary, the barbecue was juicy and not dry. Chopped pork with pepper and sprinkle with ground coriander. These spices will give the meat a special aroma and taste. Salt we do not add.
Take a deep enamel pot, put in it the pieces of meat and onions. Somehow we used for marinating pottery - also a good thing, the main thing that natural.
Stir and mash as if the pieces of pork with your hands. Pour all the mineral water - it should cover the meat completely.
Next you need to pin down pickled products, but rather to put under oppression. We usually use a plate and jar of water. Leave to marinate for 4 hours.

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Ground black pepper
Mineral water 500 ml
Onion recipes with photos quick and simple 4 pc
Pork what to cook 2


Total calories 178
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 12