Skewers of mushrooms on the grill

Cooking time
25 min
Pick up the spices to your taste and make a tasty snack! Outdoors or at home with the family, prepare the mushrooms on the grill. Very tasty, juicy and light. Ideal for kebabs, grillner sausages or potatoes cooked on the grill.
This appetizer is very tasty both hot and cold. If You are scheduled for kebabs, then first fry the meat and then the mushrooms. Bon app├ętit!
To prepare the main ingredients. Mushrooms to wash and leave for some time to dry, or blot with paper towels. If mushrooms are too long legs, they cost a little trimmed, leaving about 1 inch from the cap, otherwise the mushrooms will be inconvenient to stick on the skewer. The recipe used white mushrooms and brown mushrooms.
Tomatoes and zucchini to wash. Also dry wipes. Zucchini cut into thin circles, about 3-4 mm wide. Bacon cut into slices about 3 millimeters wide.
To prepare the marinade. In a deep capacity pour vegetable oil and soy sauce. Add your favorite seasonings and spices. The recipe used: dried garlic, marjoram, nutmeg, dry Basil, red bell pepper, ground black pepper, chili pepper, ground (all in the amount of 0.25 tsp) If you want, add a pinch of salt, soy sauce is usually enough. Mix everything carefully with a spoon.
Mushrooms, tomatoes send in a clean plastic bag.
Also add the slices of bacon and zucchini. Pour all the dressing and tie the bag.
In the tied package to mix things up, slightly Peremena hands. You must do it gently, so as not to break the mushrooms. Leave everything to marinate in a closed bag for a few minutes. Time while preparing the grill, is usually enough.
To ignite the grill, wait until the burned wood will remain polecki.
Strung on skewers mushrooms. From this amount of ingredients turned out 6 large skewers. Two bacon, two tomatoes and two zucchini. String is alternately, first the mushrooms, then bacon, etc. On another skewer, alternately thread the mushrooms plus tomatoes. The third skewer to combine the mushrooms with zucchini.
Put the skewer into the coals. Fry, turning occasionally, until tender. Cooking time depends on the number of carbons and the degree of their heat. Takes about 10-15 minutes to cook.
To remove the finished mushrooms from the grill and serve.

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Cherry tomatoes 160 gram
Fat 100 gram
Mushrooms homemade recipes step by step 700 gram
Soy sauce recipes with photo 2 teaspoons
Spices dry 1.5 tablespoons
vegetable oil 3 teaspoons
zucchini 120 gram


Total calories 132
Total fat 13
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 3