Simple salad with mango and zucchini

Cooking time
30 min
Tasty, easy, low calorie and simple to cook! You can cook and during the week and on the holiday table, but for a small company, because the salad is very beautiful only immediately after submission. Its prefer ladies, very good at fasting days. Vegetables combine well with fruit and a lot of fiber that good for digestion, can easily replace the evening meal.
Serve immediately, if you can stand - let the juice and presentable appearance is lost.
To prepare foods, vegetables and fruits thoroughly wash.
Filling: - Squeeze out 2 hours.l. lemon juice, mixed with 1H.l of sugar, add a couple tbsp oil - stir well. Salt and pepper I added to the salad.
Slice the onion into thin feathers, vegetables and Apple julienne, mango thin slices. If tomato got juicy, the core of remove and not use.
In a deep bowl all the cuts to prisolit and gently stir. Add a dressing of oil and lemon juice.
Since mango is very tender, add in the last portion of the flow slices on top.
Lightly pepper and a little directly in a salad bowl, finely grate cheese on top.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds and All! A great, easy salad is ready!

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Apples and Apple cider the most delicious recipes 1 pc
Bell pepper 0.5 pc
Cheese 20 gram
Cucumber recipes 1 pc
Ground black pepper
lemon juice 2 tablespoons
Mango 0.5 pc
Onion recipes with photos step by step 1 pc
Sesame delicious 1 tablespoons
Sugar 1 tablespoons
Tomatoes easy recipes with photos 1 pc
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons
Zucchini recipes with photos 0.33 pc


Total calories 91
Total fat 6
Total carbohydrates 8
Total protein 2