Scrambled eggs with sausage

Cooking time
15 min
Quick, tasty option for Breakfast with eggs and sausage! Scrambled eggs with sausage – classic Breakfast options the average working person or student. First, this dish is prepared very quickly, and second, scrambled eggs with sausage is pretty hearty and nutritious that is needed to start a working day, and thirdly, it is a simple and budget dish, the ingredients for its preparation there is in the fridge in each family, fourthly, deal with it, even a schoolboy, thereby to provide themselves with Breakfast or snack.
Prepare the ingredients. Depending on how much a person is preparing scrambled eggs, you need to proportionally increase the amount of ingredients. For cooking eggs you can use any sausage, but a more classic version cooked. Eggs are also familiar in the form of the eggs. However, eggs can be pre-beat, thereby to provide them with the best cooking, especially if the eggs you use store-bought, and this dish is prepared for children.
In a pan pour oil, heat it. Cooked sausage cut into slices with a thickness of about one centimeter. Optional, cooked sausage can be cut into small cubes, this option is more appropriate if for scrambled chicken eggs you'll be able to whip.
On a heated with vegetable oil put the slices of sausage. Fry the sausage on medium heat until it will turn brown on one side.
Then turn over the slices of sausage and fry them until it will turn brown on the other side.
Beat in pan with eggs on both sides of sausage to shut down the protein a little sausage, but don't need the egg to completely pour on the sausage, otherwise it will not be fried, and the sausage may burn. The eggs on top sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Fry eggs on low heat so that the yolk is well cooked, but the protein not be burned. If the pan with a lid, then at the end of cooking you can cover it with a lid for roasting the best egg yolk.
The eggs are ready. Sprinkle it on top of finely chopped fresh parsley and dill. Served scrambled eggs with sausage to the table, spread on plates or directly in the pan. Scrambled eggs with sausage with fresh vegetables, a slice of bread and a Cup of coffee u2013 great Breakfast!

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Chicken eggs 2 pc
Cooked sausage 200 gram
Ground black pepper
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons


Total calories 247
Total fat 29
Total protein 12