Sauce with cilantro

Cooking time
25 min
The sauce with the cilantro will give a bright flavor note to meat dishes. Sauce with cilantro - essential additive to the barbecue! Moderately sharp, fragrant, it will satisfy every gourmet. Cook the sauce very simply and quickly even do not require heat treatment.
1. Peel the onions, finely chop.
2. Cilantro wash, dry, chop with a knife.
3. In a mortar pound the peppercorns with the coriander and salt.
4. Connect onion and cilantro, add tomato paste, pour boiled water at room temperature, add ground spices.
5. Carefully stir the sauce and add the vinegar (if you're going to use sauce immediately, vinegar can not be added).
All can try!
The sauce perfectly complements the kebabs and other meat dishes!

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Coriander 2.5 gram
onion 100 gram
Pepper 2.5 gram
salt 2.5 gram
Tomato paste 120 gram
Vinegar 10 ml
water 50 ml


Total calories 29
Total fat 1
Total carbohydrates 11
Total protein 3