Salad with feta cheese

Cooking time
30 min
A Mediterranean recipe for a delicious summer salad for you! Salad with feta cheese - this dish tastes great. All the ingredients that go into its composition, in harmony with each other. A large number of succulent vegetables, aromatic herbs, fresh goat cheese, Golden olive oil... This salad will easily become a favorite among other similar dishes. However, he may well be a full Breakfast, and an ideal dish for lunch or dinner on a hot summer day.
This is a very summer salad, because it turns out the most delicious only in summer, when the tomatoes are particularly juicy and rich, saturated with sun. And cucumbers are very fragrant. Red onion we are going to marinate in grape juice - it will dull the sharpness of the onions will make it taste more soft and subtle, adds a touch to the taste of the finished salad. If desired, you can crumble cheese or cut into cubes and mix with the remaining ingredients, but worth it for that shot - there's the cheese "bit of sugar" with a salad. This will help control the amount of cheese in every bite. So, first of all pickle the onions: - clean and finely cut onions - put the onion in a small bowl, fill it with grape juice and set aside for 15 minutes - when the time is right, the juice is poured and left on the future. While the onion is marinating prepare the remaining ingredients: my tomatoes and cucumbers and cut first into large slices, the second - thick slices, which then divide into two or four parts depending on size of cucumbers my dry cloth and fresh oregano, then chop it chop, - sheep cheese cut into large slices. And now proceed directly to the preparation of the salad: - in a large bowl, combine together the chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, add the olives and pickled onions, - add half the olive oil, grape juice, which merged with Luke (30 ml - no longer needed) - season the salad with sea salt, finely chopped oregano (half) all carefully stir, - plate of cheese put on top, sprinkle all the remaining oregano, pour olive oil left. The salad is served on the table with slices of fresh bread is home - baked.
Bon appetit!

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Bow 55 gram
Cucumbers 340 gram
Fresh oregano 15 gram
Grape juice 60 ml
olive oil 120 ml
Olives 50 gram
Sea salt
Sheep cheese 115 gram
Tomatoes 340 gram


Total calories 161
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 5
Total protein 2