Salad with chicken liver, mushrooms and feta

Cooking time
25 min
Are your friends this salad will definitely have to taste! Due to the liver, and mushrooms salad turns out quite hearty, but not heavy. On request I can add fresh tomatoes or peppers, they will make the salad more juicy taste. Help yourself!
Mushrooms cut into thin slices.
Liver clear from the film and cut into medium-sized pieces.
Mushrooms, fry until Golden brown. Spread on a paper towel.
Liver slices fry until cooked. Season lightly with salt and pepper.
Salad leaves wash and dry. Spread on a plate.
On salad leaves lay ready liver, mushrooms and sliced in half quail eggs (by the way, if you boil an egg soft-boiled, then the liquid yolk will serve as an additional sauce).
Feta broken or cut and sprinkle on top of salad.
For the filling mix the olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper.
Pour salad dressing and serve. Bon appetit!

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Chicken liver 100 gram
Chili pepper ground
Feta 15 gram
Lettuce 30 gram
Mushrooms 2 pc
olive oil 2 teaspoons
Prepared mustard 0.5 tablespoons
Quail eggs 3 pc
White wine vinegar 1 tablespoons


Total calories 238
Total fat 21
Total carbohydrates 1
Total protein 11