Salad with chicken and Korean carrots

Cooking time
120 min
Tasty, tender and juicy salad for you! I recommend you to cook a delicious chicken salad with carrots in Korean. All the ingredients are perfectly combined and complement each other. The taste of the salad is very harmonious, so it can be prepared for submission to the festive table.
When I make this salad, it is almost always spread its layers. But if there's no time, you can simply mix all of the ingredients with each other. The truth, in the form of a puff, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Besides, all the ingredients are conveniently put in the ring for batch submission. So you can prepare as many servings as planned guests at the table. Do not worry that the salad someone does not like it. It is, indeed, very tasty and will not leave anyone indifferent. Carrots in pork meat you can buy already prepared. And the chicken and eggs to boil in advance. Therefore, the main preparation of salad will take quite some time.
To prepare the salad, you must, first, boil the eggs and chicken meat until tender and cool. Eggs cover with cold water and put on fire. Bring to boil and boil in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Then drain hot water and cover eggs with cold water so they cool down faster. Immerse chicken in boiling water and cook in boiling water for about 30 minutes.
Boiled chicken meat cut into small pieces and place on the bottom of the bowl. Smooth it over the entire surface and press slightly. Layer the meat brush with a small amount of mayonnaise.
The next layer will lay eggs, grated on a coarse grater. Also, their little press and grease with mayonnaise.
Carrots in Korean, usually, chopped fairly large. But for salad, it would be a grind. To do this, simply slice it with a sharp knife.
Carrots in Korean place the next layer. This layer of mayonnaise, add just a little bit, because the carrot itself is quite juicy.
Top, final layer, grate the cheese on medium grater. Ready salad put in some time in the refrigerator so that the layers slightly soaked with flavor each other and the salad cooled. Serve and enjoy. Bon appetit!

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Cheese 100 gram
Chicken 300 gram
eggs 4 pc
Korean carrot 200 gram
Mayonnaise 100 gram


Total calories 210
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 14