Salad with baked feta and walnuts

Cooking time
30 min
Unique nutritious and light food taste great!
I propose to use my culinary recipe to cook a unique nutritious and light meal - Salad with baked feta and walnuts. Greek feta cheese has been known since Homer. I think that this recipe is the same old. Mix in bowl with black pepper, oregano and olive oil with chopped into cubes feta cheese. Stir and place cheese cubes on a baking sheet. The pan is better to cover food with paper or foil. Warm up the oven to 180-200 degrees and place the baking sheet in the oven for 10 minutes. In another baking tray put the shelled walnuts and also send it in the oven. Nuts should be grilled for about 3 minutes. When nuts are toasted, place on a vacant pan put the sliced zucchini and propecia them for 3-5 minutes. Take a glass and mix in it lemon juice, crushed garlic, olive oil and salt. Thoroughly mix the dressing. When everything is cooked, in a bowl or a salad bowl mix the salad leaves, chopped radish, courgettes zucchini and pour half of the filling, then spread on top of cheese and nuts and pour the rest. The salad is ready, you can bring to the table.

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Feta 200 gram
Garlic 1
Ground black pepper
lemon juice 3 teaspoons
Lettuce 6 pc
olive oil 5 teaspoons
Oregano 1 gram
Radishes 2 pc
walnuts 0.5 cups
zucchini 1 pc


Total calories 268
Total fat 26
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 6