Salad Tale with chicken and mushrooms

Cooking time
90 min
Hearty layered salad for the holiday and every day! A very simple salad with the available products. The ingredients are familiar, the taste is harmonious. This salad you can cook for a family dinner and entertain guests, it is beautifully decorated - fed everything!
Prepare the ingredients. Chicken breast fillet without bone, pre-boil or bake. Carrots, potatoes, and eggs also need to pre-boil until tender (the vegetables don't overcook) and cool completely. The cucumbers, you can take salt, but not too watery. For salad dressing I use Mayo, you can take a mixture of mayonnaise with sour cream. Prepare dishes for salad, the salad is prepared layers.
Fresh mushrooms, rinse under running cold water from the remnants of earth and debris. Chop the mushrooms not very big. Onions clean from the husk and cut. Preheat the pan with vegetable oil, place sliced mushrooms and onions, fry them on medium heat without a lid until tender, stirring constantly. At the end of cooking salt them. Ready sauteed mushrooms cool. Instead of fresh mushrooms, you can take the frozen.
I'll make a salad into serving plates using a serving ring. On a plate place a ring and put grated on a coarse grater boiled potatoes, lightly pressing with a spoon and spreading a thick layer on the bottom of the dish. Over this layer with mayonnaise or make mayonnaise mesh. If necessary, you can prisolit potatoes, but for my taste the salt from mayonnaise will be enough.
Pickled cucumbers cut into small cubes and place next layer in the salad. Also slightly pressing them. Over this layer a small amount of mayonnaise.
The roasted and cooled mushrooms with the onions put the next layer in the salad on cucumber and promazhte mayonnaise.
Boiled chicken breast cut into small cubes or tear into short fibers and place the top layer with the mushrooms. RUB a small amount of mayonnaise.
Boiled peel the carrots and grate on a coarse grater. Put the next layer in the salad and promazhte mayonnaise.
Cooked and cooled eggs cleaned from the shell, separate the yolk from the white. Yolk RUB on a small grater last layer in the salad. Protein for a salad is not used.
The finished salad before serving on the table should stand in the refrigerator for at least an hour so that the layers are well soaked. To decorate the salad is to your liking - mushrooms, fresh herbs, and vegetables. I salad was decorated with sauteed whole mushrooms and fresh herbs.

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carrots 1 pc
Chicken Breasts 150 gram
eggs 2 pc
Mayonnaise 100 gram
Mushrooms 200 gram
onion 1 pc
Pickles 2 pc
Potatoes 2 pc
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons


Total calories 112
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 6
Total protein 6