Salad from simple ingredients Bayern

Cooking time
30 min
Quick, tasty, nutritious!
Salad that changes the idea of salads ! Simple and delicious salad ! You can boil potatoes and serve with salad on the table.
In hot oil fry the onion,
add chopped sausage or bacon
and potatoes cut into washers or halves. Salt, pepper, warmed and spread in a salad bowl.
Spread on a pan cut rings cucumbers, pickles and mustard, bring to a boil and warmed up in a minute
and put in the same bowl along with the hot sauce.
When serving, sprinkle with parsley.

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Bacon 70 gram
Marinade 100 ml
Mustard 0.5 tablespoons
onion 1 pc
Pickles 300 gram
Potatoes 500 gram


Total calories 80
Total fat 1
Total carbohydrates 11
Total protein 3