Royal cake with poppy seeds nuts raisins

Cooking time
150 min

A delicious cake with three fillings and a delicate sour cream! This cake will definitely impress your guests. Someone will find it in your favorite nutty flavor, someone poppy, someone raisins. Well moistened with a mild biscuit and sweet sour cream with a pleasant acidity also will not leave anyone indifferent. The cake is made pretty quickly, the ingredients are simple and affordable. The only thing you need to give the cake to soak, leaving it on overnight, then it will turn out especially delicious.
Prepare your ingredients. The ingredients are listed a number of products on a single layer. Therefore, to prepare three cakes, increase the number three times. Immediately prepare the fillings for the dough. In one layer we will add the raisins, the second nuts, third Mac.
Raisins wash thoroughly and fill with boiling water and let it swell. Again, wash and dry on a paper towel.
Mac washed or steamed, if he is not ready for baking. Well dried.
Walnuts are thoroughly washed and dried in the microwave. Quite one minute on medium power, so that the nuts have dried and become crispy.
Prepare the biscuits. Blender whisk two eggs with the sugar (120g) into a thick, solid foam.
Add baking soda, slaked vinegar.
Add the sifted flour. Gently stir with a spoon the dough so that it is not settled.
Raisins crumble in a plate of flour to the dough from him Otterlo. Put the raisins into the batter and gently beat in to spread over the dough evenly.
The oven heated to 180 degrees. The dough put a spoon in a greased form and bake it in the oven for 25 minutes, orientirueshsya the oven. Readiness biscuit check wooden toothpick. After the release it should be dry.
Meanwhile, finely chop walnuts with a knife or just crumble hands and dried out they break easily.
When cake is baked, let them cool in pan and remove it.
If the cake rose unevenly, cut off his "head".
Prepare the batter for the second layer similar to the first, only as a Supplement use Mac.
Bake, let cool.
Also prepare a third cake with chopped walnuts.
While the cakes are cooling, prepare the sour cream. Whisk sour cream with sugar and vanilla until until the mixture will increase in volume and thickens. Sour cream is better to use a fatter and thicker.
Put the cake together. Grease each cake with sour cream and spread on top of each other. The top and sides also daubed with sour cream. Let them stand in the refrigerator to cream froze.
On top sprinkle grated milk chocolate, or you can decorate according to your taste and desire. Give the cake soak and serve. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 0.5 tablespoons
Egg dishes what to cook 2 pc
Milk chocolate 30 gram
Poppy food 50 gram
raisins 100 gram
Sugar 150 gram
Vanilla 2 gram
Vinegar 0.5 tablespoons
walnuts 100 gram
Wheat flour cooking steps 120 gram
With sour cream recipes with photo 300 gram


Total calories 332
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 43
Total protein 6