Risotto in a creamy sauce with shrimp

Cooking time
45 min
Italian dinner - creamy rice with shrimp. For variety, everyday dinners can be cooked a different dish of national cuisine. For example, the Italian risotto with shrimp. It is cooked simply and quickly. But the result is a very flavorful, delicious dinner.
Prepare these products for the preparation of risotto. You need special rice for risotto - Arborio or other suitable for this dish, I have Arborio medium grain. Shrimp pre-cooked. Fish broth is hot, if no can be replaced with hot water. Cream I took 10 %. Hard cheese, e.g. Parmesan cheese.
To cook risotto, take a deep pan or a pot/saucepan with a thick bottom. In a pan pour olive oil and heat. Onions clean from the husk and finely chop. Fry chopped onions in oil until transparent. Heavy fire don't do that it started to burn.
To the onions in the pan sprinkle the rice for the risotto and fry all together for about 2 minutes on medium heat, stirring constantly.
Pour in the pan rice, dry white wine and let the alcohol evaporate for 2-3 minutes.
Then add to the pan a ladle of fish broth and cook the rice until the complete evaporation of liquid. If the broth is already salty, to desalinate figure is not necessary (to taste),and if the broth is not salty or use hot water, you can prisolit Fig. Once the broth evaporate, add another ladle. And also to evaporation.
When the rice is almost ready - a little hard on the outside but not tough, and soft on the inside add the peeled prawns (shrimp cleaned from the shell, head and tail, and removed the intestinal wreaths on the tail) and cook for about 2 minutes. Do not forget to stir the rice.
Pour in the risotto cream, stir and warm the rice with cream 1 - 2 minutes. Also at this stage you can add a piece of cheese, rubbed it on a fine grater. Rice with cheese mix.
Risotto is ready serve immediately on its preparation. In each bowl put rice with shrimp and sprinkle grated cheese. This is a separate dish. Italian risotto can offer a glass of dry white wine.

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Bow 0.5 pc
Cheese 20 gram
Cream 100 gram
Fish broth 350 ml
olive oil 1 teaspoons
Shrimp recipes are easy at home 250 gram
White rice recipes quick simple 250 gram
White wine 100 ml


Total calories 170
Total fat 5
Total carbohydrates 19
Total protein 10