Potato salad with Greek olives

Cooking time
50 min
Olives and potatoes beget delicious taste! I represent to your attention a cooking recipe is a favorite in Greek food - potato salad Greek. This salad will definitely appeal to all. Cook it simply and quickly.
Peel potatoes and cut it into small pieces. Then place it in boiling salted water and boil for 10-15 minutes, and more specifically to an edible state. Then, the water is drained, put in a bowl and let the potatoes cool down. In a separate small pan, combine the yogurt, lemon juice, a couple pinches of sugar, salt, pepper and add olive oil. Mix thoroughly and get the salad dressing. Now in a bowl with the cooled potatoes, add chopped green onions, cut into 2 pieces olives, capers and crumble in the cheese. Then cut the dill and also add to the salad. Were all mix and fill our gas station. That's all potato salad Greek ready. As you can see, everything is simple. I advise you to try.

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Capers 2 gram
Dill 1 teaspoons
Feta cheese recipes with photos 150 gram
Green onions recipes quick simple 2 gram
Ground black pepper
lemon juice 1 teaspoons
olive oil 1 teaspoons
Olives 10 pc
Potato cooking 0.5
Sugar 0.5 tablespoons
Yogurt 50 gram


Total calories 138
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 12
Total protein 5