Perch in batter

Cooking time
30 min
Pike perch fillet in a delicious crispy batter! Tender, juicy fillet of pike perch in crispy batter - great fish dishes for a family lunch or dinner. Prepare in the same way fillet any fish - you will like the result!
Prepare all the necessary products. The fish is best taken chilled. It could be steaks, walleye, and perch fillet. If you have frozen fish must be thawed: after freezer place it in a cooler for 8 hours and then thaw completely at a higher temperature.
Fish rinse well, remove large visible bone dry. Slice into pieces of medium size.
Egg wash properly - to do this it is necessary, because the egg shell contains a lot of bacteria. Beat the egg in a bowl, season with a little salt and stir with a fork. For example, you can add to the egg some your favorite herbs fresh: perhaps chopped dill or green onions and maybe a chopped clove of garlic.
Sift the flour on a separate plate. Suggest always sift YuKU - during this process, it is saturated with oxygen and the dough will be more airy. Add salt to flour and mix. Here you can add any seasonings dried: powdered hot peppers or paprika, thyme or herbes de Provence. Speaking of flour, it can be ordinary wheat. But for cooking fish dishes is also good and the rice flour - the dish will turn out very unique
Each piece of fish well, roll in flour mixture.
Well then dip into the egg mixture.
And again from all sides, roll in flour.
In a pan heat the vegetable oil. It can be any plant from sunflower to olive. But if you want something fried, but still crispy, the oil must be refined in order not to burn in the pan. Put the fish pieces, fry on low heat for about 8-10 minutes. Don't make a big fire - the batter is Golden, and the fish will remain raw.
Then gently flip the fish pieces and fry on the other side the same amount of time. You may have to cover the pan to make sure the fish is done.
Serve the fish with rice, potatoes or vegetables, and vegetable salads. Bon appetit!

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Egg recipes are easy and delicious 1 pc
Of wheaten flour cooking 4 teaspoons
Sudak 400 gram
vegetable oil 100 ml


Total calories 244
Total fat 17
Total carbohydrates 8
Total protein 15