Patties of minced beef in the pan

Cooking time
50 min
Very delicious burgers! Beef burgers are more popular meat dish for lunch or dinner. It is not only nutritious, but also useful, because beef is rich in iron, necessary for normal functioning of the human body.
Prepare the ingredients on the list. It can be purchased ready-made at the store, if there is confidence in the quality of the product, or to cheat minced fresh beef in a meat grinder or blender on their own. The second option is better, because the stuffing will be cooked from fresh meat and will not contain unwanted impurities.
The beef itself is quite stiff and dry, so when cooking meat cutlets add additional components that will make them soft and juicy. As a rule, white bread soaked in milk. Put the crumb of white bread or finely sliced loaf in a bowl, pour the milk and allow the bread to swell. In a bowl with soaked in milk bread, put the minced beef. Onion peel, grate,add to the other ingredients.
For a special flavor and masking the specific taste of beef, you can add a few cloves, passed through the press. Beat in a bowl the egg, it is necessary to prepare the cutlets as a binding element of the components of the dish. Thoroughly mix the ingredients with your hands, spoon or blender. The main task is to make a homogeneous mass that all the components are mixed and connected.
Add salt and ground black pepper to taste, optional you can add any seasoning. Again, mix the ground beef it is better to fight off to weight out all the air, then chops to be more lush and tender. Leave the ready-made stuffing to rest on the table for 15 minutes.
Go to the moulding and frying burgers. Beef burgers quite keep their shape without breading, but if you want to the meatballs turned out juicy on the inside with a crispy crust, you can roll in flour or breadcrumbs. Generated from minced meat soaked in cold water by hands cutlets and coat them in the flour, poured on a plate from all sides.
In a pan with a thick bottom pour vegetable oil, heat it. Fry patties until Golden brown on both sides, for 10 minutes on each side. Then in the pan pour the water, when the water comes to a boil, diminish the heat to minimum, cover the pan and stew for about 10 minutes until the liquid is evaporated. Remove the lid from the pan, give the pork chops a little dry and turn off the heat. Bon appetit!

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Egg dishes what to do 1 pc
Garlic 2
Ground beef 400 gram
Ground black pepper
milk 50 ml
onion 1 pc
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons
Wheat flour 2 teaspoons
White bread 100 gram


Total calories 231
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 12
Total protein 11