Pasta with tomato sauce

Cooking time
40 min
Preparation of this delicious and hearty meals. Will appeal to all! In our family pasta very much, especially the little household. However, probably, they love all the kids :) But because the pasta my family is treated with special awe. One of the favorite dishes! Today tell you about how I cook them. It turns out very tasty!
1. Cook the pasta according to the manufacturer's recommendations specified on the packaging. One glass of water left over after cooking the pasta, set aside to prepare the sauce. The pasta ready brush with a small amount of oil. 2. At this time, peel and cut into medium-sized pieces of onion. 3. Preheat the pan with vegetable oil. Heating is strong. 4. Put in a pan the onion, a pinch of salt and sugar. Stirring occasionally, sauté onion until Golden (about 5 minutes). 5. Open a jar of stew, mash meat with a fork. 6. Peel and finely chop the garlic, put it in the frying pan to the onions, stir and fry all together for another 1-2 minutes (until fragrant). 7. Pour the vinegar, wait until it evaporated. 8. Add tomato paste, fry everything for a few minutes. 9. Put the stew, turn down heat to moderate and bring contents of pan to a boil. 10. To the pan add salt, black pepper, dry spices to your taste. Mix. 11. Pour water used to boil pasta. No need to pour it all at once. If you want a thicker sauce, water need a little. For a more liquid add more of it. 12. Bring contents of pan to a boil over low heat and keep 3 minutes. 13. Put in a pan pasta, mix well, sprinkle with chopped greens. 14. Cover skillet, let the finished dish stand for several minutes, then serve. Bon appetit!

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Garlic 10 gram
Greens 30 gram
Ground black pepper 5 gram
onion 140 gram
Pasta 375 gram
Red wine vinegar 20 ml
Spices dry 8 gram
Stew 1 pc
Sugar 10 gram
Tomato paste 40 gram
vegetable oil 60 ml


Total calories 299
Total fat 15
Total carbohydrates 32
Total protein 9