Pasta with minced meat and tomato paste

Cooking time
50 min
Arrange the evening in Italian to cook delicious pasta! The dish is ideal for a romantic dinner, and it is quite satisfying that will please a man. Except that it is satisfying, it is also very tasty. It turns out quite juicy, the flavor is bright and varied due to the presence of vegetables and spices.
Take a big deep pot (so that it was convenient to cook spaghetti), pour her water, put on fire, bring to a boil, add salt, then put in boiling water the pasta and boil them until cooked according to the instructions indicated on the package. Depending on the thickness of the pasta cooking time may vary, so I don't specify.
Ready spaghetti recline in a colander, drain the water. Then put spaghetti in the pot, put a piece of butter, stir.
Onions cut into small cubes, carrots three on a coarse grater. In a pan pour a small amount of vegetable oil, put the pan on the fire. Once the oil is heated, add the already prepared onion and carrot. Vegetables fry on a medium heat, constantly stirring them, bring them to a state of softness.
Now in a frying pan to the vegetables, add the meat. The best meat to cook at home, and not to use the purchase. The stuffing you can use any beef, pork, pork-beef, Turkey and even chicken. I used pork. Continue to sautu00e9 the ingredients, stirring them until the color changes. Then add the spices, namely, salt, ground black pepper and paprika. Next, add a little flour. All carefully mix and add tomato paste.
Mix again, stuffing with vegetables and spices, pour in hot water. Again all mix well and simmer the contents of the pan for 5-7 minutes on low heat. If necessary, add a little salt, and crushed with chesnokodavilke garlic and sugar, stir and simmer the sauce for another 5 minutes.
Three into crumbs grated some cheese. Now, when everything is ready, on a plate spread previously boiled spaghetti, spread on top tomato sauce with minced meat and sprinkle it all with grated cheese.

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butter 20 gram
Cheese 30 gram
Garlic simple home recipes 1
Ground black pepper
Mince meat delicious recipes 250 gram
Of wheaten flour recipes fast easy 1 teaspoons
onion 1 pc
Paprika 0.5 tablespoons
Spaghetti 300 gram
Sugar 0.5 tablespoons
Tomato paste 2 teaspoons
vegetable oil 3 teaspoons
water 150 ml
With carrots what to do 0.5 pc


Total calories 268
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 24
Total protein 8