Meatballs in the oven minced meat

Cooking time
80 min
Hearty, tasty and very delicious! Meat balls cooked in the oven is very tasty and satisfying dish that you can prepare even every day. They are prepared very simply, so to deal with them and a beginner cook. Try it and you!
For the preparation of meat balls you can use different types of meat - pork, beef, chicken, veal. Minced meat can be supplemented with mushrooms or cheese. Also, bake them in different sauces - sour cream, tomato, mustard.Thus, each time will get a new dish with unique flavor. These meat balls come to absolutely any garnish. And you can use the minced meat for them to cook more, to wind balls and freeze. When cooking will become of them only put in a baking dish or pan. To soak up the sauce a salad of fresh vegetables. Very tasty!
To prepare the meat balls take the required amount of ground meat and place it into a large bowl.
Onions clean from the husk, rinse in cold water and finely chop. Add chopped onion into the bowl to mince.
Then add the egg. To taste sprinkle the meat a little with salt and spices. As spices can use black pepper. The whole mass mix well.
After mixing would seem that the stuffing is watery in order to shape it into balls. This can be overcome if you add a little minced semolina. It absorbs excess moisture.
Separately, combine the sour cream with water. Stir until the sour cream is evenly dispersed in the water.
In the prepared baking dish, pour some sour cream sauce. Then roll of minced meat balls and place them on the form. To stuffing did not stick to the hands, before each ball, wet hands in cold water.
Pour all the meat balls on top of sauce. Put the form in an oven pre-heated until 180 degrees for 40 minutes.
Ready meat balls put on a plate and serve hot. As a garnish you can cook boiled rice or mashed potatoes. But as a standalone course they are very tasty! Bon appetit!

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Bow 1 pc
Eggs recipes with photos 1 pc
Minced meat 500 gram
Semolina semolina recipes for every day 2 teaspoons
Spices dry
water 150 ml
With sour cream recipes simple and delicious 100 gram


Total calories 240
Total fat 20
Total carbohydrates 4
Total protein 8