Meat in French with tomatoes and cheese in the oven

Cooking time
60 min
Prepared simply and quickly. It turns out always! Juicy, flavorful, melting in the mouth meat surrounded by onions and tomatoes! Meat in French proves that even from the simplest of ingredients you can cook interesting and tasty dish. The recipe is versatile. Perfect for everyday or holiday table.
Instead of mayonnaise you can use sour cream sauce. For this sour cream any fat, mix skip through the press garlic (2-3 cloves). This option will not be as high in calories and more useful. French meat serve hot with boiled potatoes, crisp steamed rice or fresh vegetable salad.
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Time and temperature may vary in the recipe.
Prepare the necessary ingredients. Which part of pork should I choose? The dish turned out juicy, take a more fatty part of the pork shoulder or neck. In addition to pork you can use any other meat. But remember that cooking time will change. For example, beef will bake longer than the pork, but chicken or Turkey is less.
Thoroughly wash the meat under running water. Dry on paper towels. If necessary, using a knife, remove tendons and films. Across the grain, cut a piece of thin wide slices with a thickness of about 1 cm Put the meat on a cutting Board. Cover with a plastic bag or cling film. This is to ensure that, when fighting off splashes of meat juice did not scatter in all directions. Kitchen hammer repel each piece on both sides.
Remove the film. Chops salt, pepper. Sprinkle with paprika. Paprika can be replaced with ready spices intended for pork. Or your own spices according to your taste. Suitable herbes de Provence, Basil, marjoram, oregano. If you have time, send the meat in the fridge for a couple of hours, even marinated. Will be even better!
Baking dish brush with olive or sunflower refined oil. In one layer lay out pork chops.
Peel the onion from the husk. Thinly slice the onion into half rings. In order to onion juice did not get into the eyes, rinse the knife with cold water. If instead of onions use the white, or Crimean variety, the taste will become sweet to the touch and does not taste bitter.
Tomatoes choose ripe, juicy and dense. Too soft fruits will be uncomfortable to slice. Wash and dry them with paper towels. Remove the tails. With a sharp knife slice the tomatoes thin rings. Lay them on top of the onions. Fresh vegetables can be replaced with tomato sauce or eliminate from the recipe. But they will be tastier and juicier.
Lightly grease a layer of tomato mayonnaise. Cut a small corner of the package with mayonnaise and squeeze the tomatoes thin mayonnaise fishnet. If for some reason you don't like mayonnaise, substitute it for sour cream.
On a coarse grater grate the cheese. Generously sprinkle them with a layer of tomato. The more cheese you add, the tastier it will be. You can use varieties such as Russian, Edam cheese or Adyghe. Importantly, the product was high quality, tasty and fragrant. In this dish the cheese should be baked because better add it immediately. But if you want it just melted, add 15 minutes before end of cooking.
Cover the cheese thick mayonnaise mesh. For future use area of the package with the remaining mayonnaise seal with tape and store in the refrigerator.
For 10 minutes before cooking turn the oven. Preheat it to 180 degrees. Bake meat in French about 40-50 minutes. That meat is better cooked, and the cheese was not burnt, cover the tin with foil. 15-20 minutes before the end remove it. Bake until a delicious cheese crust. How to plan your meals? Pierce with a knife edge in the middle. If will flow transparent juice, then finish. If the juice is pink, cook for another 10 minutes.

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Cheese 100 gram
Ground black pepper
Mayonnaise 30 gram
olive oil 20 ml
onion 40 gram
The pork dishes are delicious 200 gram
Tomatoes easy recipes with photos 50 gram


Total calories 292
Total fat 26
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 14