Meat in French with pork with tomatoes

Cooking time
50 min
Even with the years this dish has not lost its popularity. Pieces of meat with juicy vegetables under cheese crust - what else you need for a holiday feast or a simple dinner with the family? And most importantly, of such meat, you can cook a lot at once and solve the problem with lunch or dinner the next day.
In addition to pork can use the flesh of beef or lamb. But keep in mind that beef meat is a little tougher than pork and baked through a bit longer (about 50 minutes). So as not to burn the cheese, the first 30 minutes form a better seal with foil. Then remove the foil and 20 min without it cook until Golden brown on the cheese.
-------------------- Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
Prepare all the required meals ingredients. Pork can be used as one piece (e.g. ham, pork chops or neck - depending on how fatty the pieces you need) and in the process cut it into desired slices. Or buy ready-made pork chops/steaks. You will need 5 slices. More usually for meat in French use onions, roughly chopped. I did not add, but you can add.
Meat wash, dry and cut into slices thickness of about 5-7 mm. Each slice must be separated with a hammer so it is about the size of a palm. Too hard to recapture is not necessary - so that the meat retained its integrity and did not have through-holes through which can flow out of mayonnaise.
Meat salt, pepper.
Wash tomatoes, cut in half and cut into not very thick semicircles. For this recipe it is advisable to choose tight, fleshy and very watery tomatoes.
Cheese (type "Russia", "Poshekhonsky") grate.
In oiled baking dish or on a baking tray lined with parchment, lay out the slices of pork. Suggest to use oiled parchment (mustard color) - to it the meat will not stick. I have a parchment over and had to use regular. Top coat the pork first with vegetable oil, then mayonnaise. If you cook with onions, then cut into half rings, put on the mayonnaise.
Next, spread half of the tomato, stacking of overlapping each other like shingles.
Sprinkle everything with grated cheese. Put the meat in French in a preheated 180u00b0C oven on medium level for about 40 minutes. The exact time depends on your oven. Cheese on top should be lightly browned.
The degree of Browning depends on your preferences. As much as I love crispy, so I left the meat for another 10 minutes in the cooling oven. Bon appetit!

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Cheese 80 gram
Ground black pepper
Mayonnaise 2 teaspoons
Pork 500 gram
Tomatoes food and recipes are simple and delicious 300 gram
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons


Total calories 222
Total fat 19
Total carbohydrates 1
Total protein 12