Meat in French with pineapple in the oven

Cooking time
45 min
Delicious juicy meat with pineapples for the holiday table. French meat is firmly entrenched in the menu of many Housewives. Preparing it not difficult, looks festive, and the taste is always pleasing. Moreover, the variations of cooking is enough. One of these options - meat and pineapple. This is a festive version of the juicy meat in the oven that will handle even the young mistress.
To prepare the ingredients. It is better to take pork tenderloin. Black olives as desired.
Pork cut into pieces about a quarter-inch thick. To repel from two sides.
In a pan or form for baking lay a paper for baking. Drain on a paper prepared pieces of pork. Season with salt and pepper on each side.
Every piece of grease with mayonnaise.
Bow clean, cut rings (or arbitrarily) and put one ring on each piece of meat.
On top of onions to put on the ring of pineapple, the empty middle, put on the olive.
Each piece evenly sprinkle with grated on a coarse grater cheese. Put in a preheated 180 gr. the oven for 30 - 40 minutes.
Ready meat in French with pineapple served hot. On the side suitable French fries, mashed potatoes or vegetables. On the festive table will blend well with dry white wine.

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Cheese 100 gram
Mayonnaise 4 teaspoons
Olives 6 pc
onion 1 pc
Pineapples 120 gram
Pork recipes with photo 400 gram


Total calories 238
Total fat 20
Total carbohydrates 4
Total protein 12