Marshmallow cake without baking

Cooking time
150 min
Prepare budget marshmallow cake of available ingredients. The construction of this cake will not take much time because of cooking without baking. The role of cakes in it performs marshmallows. And the cream is mixed in minutes.
Between the layers of marshmallows, you can make an additional layer of fruits and berries. Personally, I like this cake seemed too cloying. My overall impression of it is similar to cakes such as the Anthill and the ruins of the Earl (which I personally do not really like, I prefer light solanie and sponge cakes with softly pronounced sweet). But my husband, who loves the above cakes, was delighted. It's practically the whole cake and ate it for 3 days. Due to the strong sweetness of this cake is not much to eat. Which, incidentally, conveniently if you are preparing for a large company, such a cake will suffice for a small piece for 10 people or more. Recipe will appeal to those who like cakes with a pronounced sweet taste. For the rest better or to change the proportion of cream (for example, take 150 grams of butter and 200 g of condensed milk), or even to replace the cream for lighter and less sweet: 200 ml cream (33%) or fat sour cream (25-30%) whisk until fluffy with 40 g of sugar.
Prepare all the necessary ingredients for the cake. The butter should be soft, room temperature so it is necessary in advance, remove from refrigerator. I usually get it in the evening.
Condensed milk, can use regular. I needed a light caramel taste of condensed milk, so I boiled it in a saucepan one and a half hours. During this time, the condensed milk does not have time to thicken too much, but acquires a Golden brown color.
Nuts grind in a blender or chop with a knife into fine crumbs. Nuts can use any what prefer. To slightly balance the sweetness of the marshmallow and condensed milk I used salted peanuts.
Cookies grind using a blender or crumble with your hands. Cookies can use any biscuit sugar or plain unsalted crackers. There is also a good way of crushing the biscuits: you have to fold it in the package, the ends of the package tie and crush the biscuits with a rolling pin.
Add to another bowl with 2 tbsp chopped nuts and cookies. Remaining nuts, biscuits and butter connect with condensed milk.
Well mix the ingredients. The cream should be viscous, but plastic that is easy to spread on the marshmallows. If you cream is too thick, you can dilute it slightly diluted condensed milk.
Marshmallows, divide into halves. To cake looked more original, Zephyr is better to use different colors. I had a marshmallow white vanilla and beige with a taste of creme brulee. Interesting the taste will be the coffee marshmallows.
Dish sprinkle lightly with crushed cookies. It is necessary that the marshmallows did not stick to the plate. On top of the biscuits put some marshmallow halves cut down. If you use colored marshmallows, alternate it.
The marshmallow put the part of the cream.
Put on the cream the second layer of marshmallow slightly smaller diameter and lubricate it also cream. Thus, alternating layers of cream and marshmallows, form a slide.
Sprinkle the cake remnants of biscuit and nuts. Put the cake in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
The cooled cake decorate with mint and serve. Bon appetit!

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butter 80 gram
Cookies 220 gram
Marshmallow what to cook 400 gram
Milk how to cook with condensed milk 300 gram
Mint 5 gram
Peanuts 100 gram


Total calories 404
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 58
Total protein 6