Mackerel with rice in the oven

Cooking time
120 min
Top up your cookbook new recipe mackerel with rice! Mackerel with rice for this recipe cook quickly and easily. Fish do not have to defrost in advance, and boil the rice. Half an hour later you get a delicious fish with a side dish.
Mackerel with rice serve for dinner or lunch hot. You can add your favorite sauce or a fresh salad. But I love this dish simply nothing.
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
Prepare all the necessary ingredients for cooking mackerel with rice in the oven. Carrots and onions get big. The suitable parboiled rice in the finished dish it will turn out crumbly. When choosing mackerel see that the fish was intact and there was too much ice. If the fish is large, take 2 on this number of products. Look at the weight specified in the recipe. Oil you can use any flavourless.
Onions and carrots wash and rinse. Carrots grate on a coarse grater. Onion cut into small cubes. In this form, the faster vegetables are cooked through and give the rice a beautiful color.
For frying, take a pan that will fit vegetables and rice. Heat up the pan carefully so as not to burn yourself, pour in her vegetable oil. Since the carrot is cooked longer bow, first fry the grated carrots. Fry over medium heat, stirring occasionally, about 2 minutes.
When carrots start to become softer, put in a pan chopped onion and fry for another 3 minutes on medium heat. Be sure to stir so that the vegetables are evenly roasted and not dry.
Rinse the rice in several (5-7) water to wash the starch. This will make it more crumbly. Drain the rice water.
Add washed rice to the vegetables and stir to combine.
A little salt and pepper. Cook, stirring, another 3 minutes.
For baking, use a heat-resistant form with high edges. I have a glass 30*20 cm Put in her fried vegetables with rice.
Pour a little water and stir so that the water is evenly dispersed on the dish and the rice doesn't burn in the baking process.
Prepare the mackerel. It in advance you can not unfreeze and get it out of the freezer before you start cooking. It must be cleaned from the insides, then rinse well under running water and cut into 4-5 portion of the piece.
A little add salt the mackerel and season with spices and sour cream. If you take a ready mix of spices which is salt, reduce amount of added salt. Otherwise, you can overdo and spoil the taste of the dish.
Turn on to heat up the oven to 200 degrees. Lay the slices of fish on top of rice with water.
Close the baking dish with foil and send it on the middle shelf in the oven. 1 hour mackerel with rice will be ready. Cooking time may vary depending on your oven. Careful not to burn yourself, remove the foil. If there is no water - you can bring to the table.

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A mixture of peppers
Mackerel how to cook recipes with photos step by step 900 gram
onion 1 pc
Parboiled rice 1.5 cups
salt 1.5 tablespoons
Sour cream 2 teaspoons
Spices dry 0.5 tablespoons
vegetable oil 3 teaspoons
water 3 cups
With carrot photo carrot recipes 100 gram


Total calories 126
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 5
Total protein 8