Light salad with pomegranate seeds and croutons

Cooking time
20 min
Easy and healthy salad goes well with fried chicken. Delicious salad with a pleasant sour pomegranate seeds, goes well with chicken and would be a good addition for the holiday table and Christmas holidays.
First make croutons for the salad. For toast it is better to use white bread. Bread cut into small cubes. On a baking sheet put parchment paper and pour our future toast. Sprinkle with salt, then top with dry garlic. In any case, do not use fresh garlic or it will burn in the oven. Then sprinkle our French toast with your favorite spices, I picked up Basil, you can take spices herbs of Provence or whatever. Then put croutons in olive oil and thoroughly mix. Then again, sprinkle with spices, I have Basil and garlic. Put in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. Average carrots grate on a fine grater. In a bowl put a mixture of salad leaves which includes two kinds of spinach and arugula, then put the grated carrots. Clean the grant and not getting a lot of pomegranate juice, approximately 2-3 tbsp. lodges., for juiciness of the salad. All peremeshaem. If you juice added after toast, while stirring the croutons can water pomegranate juice and would look in the salad not very nice. Then add pomegranate seeds (about ΒΌ pomegranate) and the cooled croutons, all sprinkled with salt and dressed with olive oil. Then grate on a coarse grater Parmesan cheese and put into a salad bowl. If there is no Parmesan, you can take any hard cheese. All peremeshaem. The salad is ready. The salad comes out light and very tasty, it is good to serve with grilled meats or chicken. During the holidays is a Supplement to the main course. This salad can be served on any holidays such as March 8, February 23, Valentine's day, Christmas and birthdays, and every day, even if they come unexpected guests, you can prepare in a hurry, but there was a similar ingredients. Children also will be interesting, at the expense of garnet grains. Try and experiment, share your opinion in the comments. Bon appetit!

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basil 1 tablespoons
carrots 1 pc
Garlic powder 1 tablespoons
Garnet 1 pc
Lettuce 100 gram
olive oil 2 teaspoons
Parmesan 20 gram
salt 1 tablespoons
White bread 20 gram


Total calories 187
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 10
Total protein 2