Lavash with pork home

Cooking time
30 min
Lavash prepared at home is much tastier than store-purchased! It has all the components necessary to man - the proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Plus a lot of fresh vegetables. Lavash is prepared very quickly, perfectly nourishes. It can serve as a complete dinner or a hearty snack.
I very often cook the lavash house, we all love it. Often make with chicken, but sometimes pork. In addition to vegetables from the recipe, you can add lavash onions, garlic, Korean carrots, pickled cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper. All that you love and have on hand. To slightly reduce the calories, use as a sauce with yogurt or sour cream.
Prepare the foods for cooking kebabs. Take the pita bread is fresh and soft, from its taste depends half taste of the future Shawarma. It is better to take pork tenderloin or the most soft place, but not too bold. Instead of Chinese cabbage I can use regular cabbage. Spices take any favorite.
Wash the cabbage, cut the desired part. Cut it thin strips. If you have the cabbage, then gently press it with your hands, just prisoliv at the same time. Thus, it will become softer and tastier. With Beijing do not necessarily - and it is so soft.
Cucumbers rinse well, dry. They cut off the ends. Cut the cucumbers into sticks. To do this, first cut them on the plate along, and then the plate cut across.
Tomatoes wash, dry. With a sharp knife slice them into thin rings.
Meat rinse well and dry. Wet the meat during frying will start to allocate a lot of unnecessary liquids that will negatively affect its taste and softness. Cut the meat into thin strips. Always keep in mind when cutting the fiber direction. So the meat remained soft, it is necessary to cut across the grain. When cutting along the fiber will shrink and the meat will be tough.
Prepare the sauce. Add to mayonnaise and ketchup mix. The proportions I have indicated to our taste, you will be advised to add a little and taste, you can put more or less ketchup.
Heat a pan on medium heat. I fry in a pan with non-stick coating. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil and warm it for a few minutes. Put meat. It is particularly important to heat the pan, the meat immediately begin to sizzle and form a crust that will "seal" the juice inside, making the meat remains soft and juicy. For this reason, immediately begin to stir the meat so that it was roasted on all sides.
When the meat changes color, add salt and spices. Mix. Reduce heat, cover the pan with a lid and leave the meat out for 10-15 minutes. It's still pork, she needs time to get ready.
Then remove the lid and if the meat is left moisture, evaporate it. If the meat is already dry and parched, then turn off the fire. Let the meat to cool a bit, but not too much, just that it was not burning.
Expand the sheet of lavash is a short section to itself. Spread in the middle, a little stepping back from the edge, a couple of spoons of the sauce.
Put the cabbage on it. Then put the cucumbers.
On top of the vegetables put the meat. The amount of vegetables and meat distribute around the portions. That is, for one - third of the total number.
Top off with the sliced tomatoes.
Start to wrap the Shawarma. First, fold the remaining edge, putting it on the filling. Then fold the side corners on both sides.
Wrap so entire pita bread, slightly flattening the filling.
Preheat the grill pan. Put her ready Shawarma.
Fry the falafel on both sides until the appearance of stripes. Roasting is not a compulsory process. Shawarma can be eaten right after wrapping. But when toasted pita turns slightly crispy, the filling is well heated, which is very positive effect on the taste of the Shawarma. When filing can cut the kebab in half, so it will be there.

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Beijing Chinese cabbage recipes with photos 200 gram
Cucumber recipes step by step at home 3 pc
From thin pita 150 gram
Ground black pepper
Ground red pepper
Ketchup recipes homemade 2 teaspoons
Mayonnaise 6 teaspoons
Pork 400 gram
Tomatoes inexpensive recipes with photos 2 pc


Total calories 167
Total fat 12
Total carbohydrates 8
Total protein 6