Lavash chicken in a pita

Cooking time
30 min
A favorite dish of many men - easy to prepare, delicious to eat! There is a possibility to balance the taste. Lavash cook pretty simple, but the result is the same as you need, because you can add ingredients to your taste.
I bought a kebab in market, which are willing to fast food, and was thinking all the time how to cook a chicken kebab in pita bread at home so that turned out not worse, than the professionals. And so I did. This helped me this recipe, which I shared with you. As you can see, it's very simple. Need to stock up on necessary products and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Fry kebab can be ready in a normal pan, but then it will not have brown stripes, which look quite a nice. But the taste certainly will not hurt! The composition of the fillings can be changed at their discretion: something clean, and something to add, because of the types of toppings for this dish there are so many. I sometimes make Korean carrot, it's delicious.
Take the right products.
First make the sauce, that he stood for some time and is well connected to all tastes. For this to be added to the cream chopped parsley, passed through the press garlic, salt and pepper and all mix well.
Chicken breast cut into small pieces.
Fry chicken until cooked in a hot vegetable oil, stirring constantly.
Prepared meat put to cool in a bowl.
Then cut it into even smaller pieces.
Cucumber wash, cut the ends and cut it into thin strips or small pieces of arbitrary shape.
Pepper wash, peel from the seeds and cut into strips.
My tomatoes and cut into small cubes or just small pieces.
Cabbage finely shinkuem.
Peel the onion and pickle in salt, sugar and wine vinegar.
Cut into desired length strips of pita bread and half the grease with the sauce.
Spread on lavash chicken meat and the prepared vegetables.
Gently roll kebab a tight roll, starting with the right side. Quickly fry on a hot to the max the grill pan on both sides.

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Bell pepper 1 pc
Bow 1 pc
Cabbage 1 pc
Chicken breast chicken recipes with photos 2 pc
Cucumber recipes with photos 2 pc
From thin pita 600 gram
Garlic 10
Ground black pepper
parsley 3 teaspoons
Spices dry 1 tablespoons
Sugar 1 tablespoons
Tomatoes inexpensive recipes with photos 2 pc
vegetable oil 4 teaspoons
White wine vinegar 1 tablespoons
With sour cream step-by-step recipes with photos 100 gram


Total calories 115
Total fat 4
Total carbohydrates 15
Total protein 6