Kharcho beef with peppers and walnuts

Cooking time
20 min
Prepare the famous soup, which managed to catch the fancy of many! Who has not heard about the soup kharcho? This famous dish is respected in my family. The soup is spicy, rich, flavorful with a slight kick. It is necessary to try!
My beef thoroughly, put in a pan, add Bay leaf, fill with cold water up to the top and cook after boiling half to two hours, removing the formed foam. Clean the onions, the pepper, remove seed pods. Vegetables wash and finely chop, then fry in vegetable oil. Add to roasted vegetables tomato paste, stir. Grind the nuts into crumbs in any convenient way (for me there is nothing better than blender). Peel the garlic and press out through the press in the walnut crumb mix and add to the roast, after removing it from heat. The broth is filtered through a sieve just to be clear, the meat is cut into serving pieces and return to the strained broth. Put the pan back on the heat and when the broth boils, pour the rice. After 10-15 minutes put the soup tkemali sauce, fried with nuts, ground red pepper, Khmeli-suneli, salt. Cilantro washed, finely chop, place in the grub. Cook for another five minutes and remove from heat. Serve the minestrone with a lid and infuse. After 20-30 minutes the dish can be poured on plates and serve. Eat on health!

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Bay leaf 2 pc
Beef recipes with photos 500 gram
Bow 80 gram
Coriander 40 gram
Garlic easy recipes with photos 4
Ground red pepper 2.5 gram
Khmeli-suneli 10 gram
Pepper cooking 80 gram
Tkemali Sauce 60 gram
Tomato paste 60 gram
vegetable oil 40 ml
walnuts 100 gram
White rice step by step recipes 100 gram


Total calories 233
Total fat 15
Total carbohydrates 12
Total protein 13