Japanese omelette, Tamago-yaki

Cooking time
15 min
Delicious scrambled eggs, which just melts in your mouth. This dish is perfect for Breakfast and lunch. It turns out hearty and delicious in any form - both cold and hot. Japanese omelet is cooked quickly and eaten even faster!
Japanese omelet is a nutritious dish with a soft texture and sweet flavor.
Eggs to wash under running water and wipe dry. Measure the required amount of rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and vegetable oil.
Eggs to drive in a deep bowl small size. You can drive one into a small bowl, and then in General to not fall tainted eggs.
Whisk the eggs with a whisk or with a mixer. Add to egg mixture all the ingredients: rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oil. Mix well.
In Japan, the omelet is baked in a square pan, I took a baking dish 18 18 see the First form you need to reheat, then pour into it about 50 ml of vegetable oil. Once the oil is warm, it should drain and lightly promacot remnants of a paper towel. Then pour a thin layer of egg weight, evenly distributing it. The fire is below average, so that the pancake is not burnt, not dry and not broken.
When the mass solidifies, take a spatula and turn the roll, pushing him to the left side. The vacant place lightly grease with vegetable oil and pour on a little of the dough so that it is connected with the base. When crude mass will be baked, continue to fold the roll.
Do all test. At the end you can slightly press down the roll with a wooden destockage to the side to become a square. Turns out an omelet roll.

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Egg dishes what to cook 5 pc
Rice vinegar 1 teaspoons
Soy sauce 1.5 tablespoons
Sugar 1 teaspoons
vegetable oil 10 teaspoons


Total calories 426
Total fat 47
Total carbohydrates 5
Total protein 6