Homemade sausages from the Turkey

Cooking time
90 min
Delicious spicy sausages with no harm for your health! Homemade sausages from the Turkey can be cooked with his own hands, using the below presented recipe. These sausages are a worthy alternative to store-bought meat products. They can be fried in a pan, bake in oven or cook on the grill. If guts was unable to buy, the sausages can be cooked even without them, simply roll up their hands and pre-freezing.
First we need to prepare the stuffing for sausages. The main ingredient of meat, of course, will be Turkey meat. It should be fresh and juicy. So that the sausages turned out with a rich meat taste, it is best to add the stuffing also the flesh of beef. Beef and Turkey mince to mix together. Onions clean from the husk, wash and finely cut into cubes. Also add in the mince and stir. Put a little minced Dijon mustard. Dill rinse under cold water and dry. Then cut off the tough stems, and finely chop the rest. chopped greens also add to the stuffing for sausages. For a spicy taste must seasoning spices. To do this, salt it and pepper, add the ground cardamom and coriander, and a little nutmeg. These spices blends perfectly with the meat and give the finished dishes spicy taste and pleasant aroma. Then the meat is wrapped in cling film and refrigerate for about half an hour - it needs to infuse. Meanwhile, to cook the guts, wash them and dry. Then shift the meat in a meat grinder and by using a special nozzle to fill the colon with minced meat, and tie the ends tightly. If guts could not get hold of, it is not a reason to abandon home-made sausages. You need hands to form the shape of a sausage with a width of about a few cm and a maximum length of 15 cm Formed meat sausages to put in the freezer for 20 minutes, and then start to fry them. Pre-frozen they will better keep its shape. To prepare the pan for roasting. Put it on a medium heat and pour a little vegetable oil without smell. Then fry the sausages to a delicious Golden brown, turning on all sides. Serve with greens and mustard. Bon appetit!

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Cardamom 4 gram
Coriander 4 gram
Dijon mustard 10 gram
Dill 10 gram
Ground beef 200 gram
Ground black pepper 5 gram
Intestine 100 gram
Minced Turkey 250 gram
nutmeg 1 gram
onion 80 gram
salt 10 gram
The mixture of peppers and peas 10 gram
vegetable oil 60 ml


Total calories 288
Total fat 25
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 13