Greek salad with vegetables and cheese

Cooking time
20 min
Greek salad is very tasty and quick to prepare.
Greek salad is very tasty and quick to prepare. Great recipe! Greek salad won in our country and all over the world much love and popularity for the ease of preparation and excellent taste. Try a salad of fresh vegetables, sweet onion and flavorful cheese!
Cucumber cleaned from the skin, cut a rather large half-rings
Tomato also sliced pieces, onion cut half rings
Cheese cubes
We mix our ingredients in one dish added to these olives, lettuce which you need to break involuntary clippers, season with olive oil.
Salad does not need salt due to the cheese in the salad will be enough selenkay taste. Bon appetit!

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Bow 1 pc
Cheese 150 gram
Cucumbers 2 pc
olive oil
Olives 40 gram
Tomatoes 2 pc


Total calories 84
Total fat 5
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 5