Greek salad with Dungan pepper and feta cheese

Cooking time
15 min
The dish is distinguished by its versatile flavor! Wonderful recipe quick cooking of salad available products that will appeal to many and will pleasantly surprise you with its extraordinary rich taste!
Delicious salad gushing charging energy – the recipe of Greek salad! For many, it "salad favorite"! His love for rich, multi-faceted and extraordinary taste. This is a unique Greek dish is prepared from available products and causes untold gastronomic delight. They enjoy, in return for energy boost and vitamins – a salad for real men! A key component of the salad is feta — a traditional Greek cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk.
Prepare the required products and spices to prepare Greek salad with a rich and extraordinary taste.
To prepare the filling, pour it into a bowl three tablespoons of olive oil and add one tablespoon of soy sauce.
Add in the bowl one teaspoon of Provencal herbs and squeeze the juice from half of a lemon.
Mix well all the ingredients in the prepared bowl and give the salad a little brew.
Crumble pieces of well washed salad leaves and put them in a bowl for bulk supply of lettuce.
Arbitrary cut into medium dice one cucumber.
Evenly spread the chopped cube the cucumber on top of lettuce.
Random strips cut into half Dungan pepper.
Spread shredded Dungan pepper in a bowl and place a uniform layer.
Arbitrary cut into medium dice three tomatoes.
Cut dice the tomatoes put in a common bowl and with your hands mix the vegetables together.
About seventy grams of cheese "feta" cut into an arbitrary medium dice.
Spread evenly and place the slices of cheese in a salad.
Put in the salad order, twelve whole black olives.
Refill the salad is prepared sauce and the present.
Add to salad to taste a mix of black and red peppers.
Cooking together, cook simply, cook at home the most delicious dishes of the available products according to our recipes! All a pleasant appetite!

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A mixture of herbs
A mixture of peppers
Cucumber recipes are simple dishes with photos 1 pc
Feta cheese recipes with photo step by step 70 gram
olive oil 3 teaspoons
Olives 12 pc
Pepper 0.5 pc
Recipes with lemon with step by step photos 0.5 pc
Salad lettuce 100 gram
Soy sauce recipes quick simple 1 teaspoons
Tomatoes homemade recipes step by step 3 pc


Total calories 126
Total fat 11
Total carbohydrates 4
Total protein 3