Greek salad with avocado and feta cheese for the New year

Cooking time
10 min
Salad recipe straight from the Dominican Republic! The salad is very quick and delicious. The ripe avocado
My clean our products. Cut to inspiration. Experience strongly advises the granulate leafy green salad "from the heart" – then it will be easier to pick up with a fork Dressing - combine olive oil with lemon juice, salt, pepper. Love all mix and pour chopped. Try - happy with this result! If necessary, add a little salt and pepper Bon appetit and Sunny mood

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Avocado 1 pc
Cheese 100 gram
Lettuce 5 gram
Limes 0.5 pc
olive oil 3 teaspoons
Olives 1 cups
Tomatoes 100 gram


Total calories 223
Total fat 20
Total carbohydrates 4
Total protein 4