Glasses for cake

Cooking time
780 min
Find out the secret in this recipe how to make cake with extraordinary Shine! Glasses is a term which is derived from the word "gloss". And it means guidance or giving anything to a mirror Shine. In our case, it's a brilliant, glossy finish cakes and pastries. Even the word glasses understand mirror glaze – all the same Shine and gloss. Glasses gives incredible beauty desserts that draw our eyes to its extraordinary mirror-like Shine and colors.
For the preparation of passage (baseline) we will need the following ingredients: gelatin sheet or powder, filtered water, white sugar, glucose syrup, condensed milk, white chocolate, food coloring (color of choice)
First, soak the gelatin sheet or powder in ice water. Some of the water can be replaced with pieces of ice. Sheet soak for no more than 7-10 minutes, then remove and squeeze. If you have powdered gelatin, pour the ice water in the ratio of 1:6, i.e. 12 g of gelatin take 72 g of water. Everything is measured on the electronic scales.
Cook high pitcher or a glass from the immersion blender, which put the condensed milk, then top the chopped white chocolate.
In a saucepan combine water, sugar and glucose syrup, set on fire and gradually heat the mixture to dissolve the sugar at a temperature of 40u00b0C. At this point the sugar, stir don't need to move in a little saucepan on the stove, this will help the sugar to dissolve faster.
After the sugar is dissolved, increase the fire, the mixture begins to boil. Start to measure the temperature of the syrup electronic thermometer. Stir with a spoon and bring the syrup to a temperature of 103u00b0C. tip: At this stage is very important: a) if the liquid has doverite u2013 everything will flow off the sides of the cake; b) digest u2013 the syrup is very thick, and you will not be able to fill the cake.
Pour the hot syrup into the jug, the chocolate begins to melt. Again measure the temperature of the contents of the jug.
When the temperature reaches 85u00b0C spread gelatin. Swollen gelatin powder can be slightly melted in the microwave and pour into the pitcher. Mix everything carefully.
Add a few drops of the dye and begin to break immersion blender at slow speed to obtain a homogeneous emulsion. The nozzle of the blender set at an angle of 45 degrees, and thereby avoid the formation of bubbles that go into the resulting vortex.
If the bubbles still formed, strain glasses into another jar through a sieve. Then cover with cling film to contact and clean for 12-24 hours in the fridge to Mature for stabilization.
A day take out glasses from the refrigerator and bring up to operating temperature 30-35u00b0C in a microwave oven, pour the well chilled moscovie cakes or cakes that have a perfectly smooth surface.
Glasses done perfectly if it are reflected standing next to the items. Beautiful desserts you, my friends!

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Condensed milk 100 gram
Food coloring 1 gram
Gelatin 12 gram
Invert syrup 150 gram
Sugar 150 gram
water 75 ml
White chocolate delicious 150 gram


Total calories 375
Total fat 9
Total carbohydrates 62
Total protein 4