Gingerbread yogurt with homemade soft icing

Cooking time
80 min
Aromatic glazed on the outside and soft on the inside! This pastry is soft, moderately sweet, with sugar glaze on top. Honey added to them during cooking, gives the gingerbread a special and extraordinary taste. Such cakes are very good with milk for afternoon tea or freshly brewed black tea.
Cakes should not be too long to keep in the oven, achieving an intense blush. Let them be blond. In this case, they just get soft.
As a flavoring in this recipe used honey, but also to the dough when making gingerbread, you can add cinnamon, vanilla or a flavor.
Be prepared for the fact that the flour may require more or less than indicated in the recipe. Focuses not on the amount of flour, and desired dough consistency.
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
Take 2 eggs and deep container. Beat in her first one egg, then the second, while separating the white from the yolk. In a container, add just the yolk and protein will be used later. It is useful in the preparation of the glaze. Now add the honey, stir in sugar. All the ingredients whisk until smooth.
Now in a large bowl or any other container pour in the buttermilk and vegetable oil, mix them, and then in the mixture, pour the resulting egg mixture prepared in the first step. All the ingredients lightly beat with a mixer.
Then add to this mass flour with baking soda, but add in portions and passed through a sieve, vimosewa ingredients every time. Thus knead the gingerbread dough. Please note that the gingerbread was really tasty, the dough should be soft and not tight, so the flour may need a different number that is different from that specified in the recipe.
Now the resulting gingerbread dough should roll out. Work surface sprinkle with flour (this step can take an additional amount. You need to add it so that the test can work). The dough, roll slightly in flour to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin and slightly roll it out. Its thickness should be 1 cm, high 1.5 cm using cups or special shape cut out circles of dough.
The baking pan cover baking paper, and she put the gingerbread of the workpiece. Cookie sheet with gingerbread put in preheated to 180u00b0C oven. Bake for 25 minutes, but keep in mind that all ovens work differently, so bake and they are also different, so the baking time may vary.
Prepare the glaze, which will be covered gingerbread. This will take just 2 ingredients and protein powder. Whisk the ingredients with a whisk or blender to dissolve the powders and white (to firm peaks beat is not necessary). Please note that you can only use the remainder of the protein (1 egg), but in this case, the cakes will be covered with a thin layer of glaze. I used the whites of 2 eggs, so they will have a white hat.
The incident 25 minutes, remove baking sheet with cakes from the oven and dip them in the prepared glaze or brush them in two layers prepared by frosting with a silicone brush, then send the gingerbread in the oven for another 10 minutes, bringing them up to full readiness. Fresh-baked, homemade gingerbread is best to cool, laying them on the grill.

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baking soda 0.75 tablespoons
Dishes with yogurt 350 ml
Egg whites 2 pc
Egg yolks 2 pc
Flour 550 gram
honey 3 teaspoons
Powdered sugar 12 teaspoons
Sugar 220 gram
vegetable oil 3 teaspoons


Total calories 285
Total fat 5
Total carbohydrates 55
Total protein 6