Gate of potatoes from rye flour

Cooking time
60 min
Открытые пирожки из ржаной муки с картофельной начинкой. Эти печеные пироги на севере России в Карелии, Архангельской и Мурманской областях, Республике Коми. В качестве начинки используют различные крупы, ягоды, сыр и картофельное пюре. Готовить калитку быстро и очень легко.
Ворота очень вкусные в горячем и теплом! Круто они становятся немного сложнее. Ешьте их традиционно с молоком, но и в качестве добавки к первому блюду они будут хорошими.
Будьте готовы к тому, что на муку может потребоваться больше или меньше, чем указано в рецепте. Ориентирован не на количество муки, а на желаемую консистенцию теста. 
Имейте в виду, что печи разные. Температура и время приготовления могут отличаться от указанных в рецепте.
Prepare the ingredients for the preparation of gate. Yogurt may need a little more will watch on as the test. Instead of yogurt you can take yogurt, plain yogurt, sour cream. Sour cream and dilute with milk to a liquid state.
Potatoes pre-wash and peel. Slice it into large pieces, cover with cold water. Water take a good quality, or bottled, or filtered. Its taste depends largely on the taste of mashed potatoes. Boil potatoes, it will take about 20 minutes. Five minutes until cooked add salt. Drain the water.
Add hot potatoes, butter, lightly mash. Pour in the hot milk. From cold milk puree can be a gray color. Better pre-boil it. Pour the milk parts, flexing the potatoes. Puree should not be thick, and so, it was easy to smudge. Cool completely then puree.
When puree is completely cool, take the test. Rye flour, unlike wheat, has virtually no gluten, the dough she did not have long to Mature. On the contrary, the dough of rye flour dries quickly. Therefore to make it immediately before cooking. Pour the flour into a bowl, add salt, stir. Pour in the buttermilk, knead the dough. It is easy to do immediately hand the dough will quickly gather in a ball, it is not necessary to knead for a long time.
Roll dough sausage, cut it into pieces the size of a walnut. Put the pieces in a bowl, cover it with a cloth so that the dough sets.
On a Board sprinkle a little rye flour. Take one piece of dough, knead it with your hands into a pancake. Roll it with a rolling pin into a circle with a diameter of about 10-12 cm, the Dough is rolled out very easily, does not tear, while it turns out very thin.
Round billet put on a plate. Roll the same way all of the pieces of dough. Cover the bowl with mugs with a cloth, so they are not dried up.
Form the patties. Take billet of the test, put to it about two tablespoons of mashed potatoes. Spread it evenly across the surface, leaving the edges about 1 cm of the test.
Zasypnica the dough corners around the perimeter, leaving the filling inside. Form thus all the pies.
On a baking sheet put the baking paper. Put him wickets. I got 9 pieces. Put in each pie, two teaspoons of sour cream. Spread it on the potatoes. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 240u00b0C mode top-bottom.
Bake the wicket about 20 minutes. They should be Browning on top.
While wickets are baked, melt a knob of butter.
Cooking brush, brush the dough at the hot gates melted butter.

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butter 30 gram
Milk is a delicious dairy recipes 100 ml
Potatoes what to cook 4 pc
rye flour 200 gram
With sour cream recipes simple at home 2 teaspoons
With yogurt recipes with photos 100 gram


Total calories 162
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 23
Total protein 3